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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Management
Developer: Seacorp Technologies
Release Date: Q2 2021

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'Gunsmith' Gets Early Access Update, Targets Q2 2021 Launch - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Dec. 4, 2020 @ 8:50 a.m. PST

Gunsmith is a industrial management experience where you start your own arms manufacturing company.

Every product has a customer, and every customer chooses how they use that product. But when your trade is weapons, how much moral responsibility should you take for the lives your guns wipe out?

You begin by inheriting a small factory where you shall start forging your empire.

Acquire licences or don't, to begin making your first military grade items. You will build up your factory by unlocking machines and technologies. You start with very little and the government will not allow you to produce more serious items until your reputation has grown.

Pick from a huge selection of machines to choose how you make your product. Efficient, mass produced, quickly or slowly. It's up to you.

Start by making small almost harmless things such as boots, trousers, vests with no armour. Once you start to fulfil these orders you will have the opportunity to unlock licences to expand your empire and make new and deadlier items. Eventually you will be granted a licences to manufacture armour, ammunition, firearms, explosives and the list goes on and on.

Research new technologies and machines that will lead to more complex and usually more dangerous items to manufacture.

Build up a reputation with over 20 clients from around the globe. They may ask for certain items that might not be technically legal. If you choose to do business with such people that's up to you as an arms dealer. They will always offer you a very attractive price.

Continue into the political sphere, providing you with the opportunity to manipulate global situations, push politicians into certain ways and cause conflicts on the basis of selling more arms to create even more profit. ( This is by no means inspired by anything that is currently happening in the world today )

It will be up to you as a Gunsmith to overcome all these challenges and dominate the market and make as much profit as possible. How you do this will be up to you. Good Luck...

Today's brand new update will allow players to create their factory piece by piece, building walls, windows, doorways, laying custom flooring, and designing the production line to their own ideals. Serving as a major jump from the current, one-size-fits-all factory approach, players will now have more than 100 assets to play around with as they take their first steps into arms manufacturing.

The sale will serve as a perfect jumping-on point for newcomers, with Gunsmith’s brand of management charging players with building up their own weapons manufacturing company. From constructing your factory from the ground up right through to selling your goods to whomever you choose, Gunsmith hands you the tools to create your own empire of arms.

“It’s exciting to see our player base grow over the last year and a half, and we think this new update - along with the 48 hour sale - will be even more enjoyable for current players and new players alike,” says founder Richard Seabrook. “While we know management fans love taking charge of the game’s production lines, Gunsmith doesn’t shirk away from laying the responsibility of just where their weapons end up at their door.

“As well as keeping track of just how many fatalities come as a direct result of your sales, the game also monitors who you do business with via a notoriety system; make your money from selling to malevolent forces, and you can expect your reputation to fall just as quickly as your profits rise.

Gunsmith will have 50% fired off its Steam price for 48 hours on Friday, December 4th.

Key Features:

  • Over 30 machines to choose from.
  • Over 10 Belt types to transport goods including bridge belts that allow stacked belts.
  • Over 20 Products to manufacture.
  • Over 20 Clients to do business with.
  • 4 Types of Factory.
  • 5 Types of Workers.
  • A dynamic marketplace to buy goods from.
  • Automated buying and selling system.
  • Special orders and scenarios.
  • Sandbox Mode.
  • Steam Workshop.

Currently available through Steam Early Access, Gunsmith will be available as full release in Q2 2021.

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