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Gloria Victis

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: Black Eye Games

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'Gloria Victis' Enters Beta Stage - Screens

by Rainier on Dec. 8, 2020 @ 6:02 p.m. PST

Gloria Victis is a low-fantasy medieval open world MMORPG with an emphasis on realism, skill-based non-target combat, open PVP with territory control, deep crafting system and player-driven economy.

Choose one of three nations: proud Midlanders inhabiting vast green lands, vengeful Ismirs from the frosty North or determined warriors of the Azebian Empire and join the conflict!

Explore a breathtaking and atmospheric open world designed by lovers of the Witcher and Gothic series. Be part of a living society and become a soldier, knight, archer, assassin, swordmaster, berserker, huntsman, blacksmith, builder, merchant, farmer, healer, and more...the choice is yours!

We are pleased to announce that Gloria Victis MMORPG has left the alpha state of the project on the recent 250th update. We would not be here and achieve everything without our awesome community, so we would like to thank you all who helped us to create Gloria Victis MMORPG – a project that was made by players, for players, and with players.

We are the only MMORPG of such scale that achieved what we did with the great help of our community. We never had any investors and publishers and the original team worked for years without any budget. After the Steam release in 2016 – the only income that drives the project is from the game selling and ingame Supporter Shop. We cannot thank you enough for your assistance in this journey and our players will be always the most important part of our team.

The beta will last a few months and will prepare the game to leave Early Access. Part of the team will work on bug fixes and new features and would like to address players' suggestions and feedback. The other part will focus on optimization, performance, and technical updates. The game is and will remain fully playable during the process, which is best proven by the players with thousands of hours in-game!

Back in 2014, Gloria Victis MMORPG rushed to the first place of the top voted projects in Steam Greenlight, leaving behind over 1500 other games in less than 48 hours, and according to our knowledge, it is still an unbeaten Steam and world record. Two years later, with the original team of seven people, Gloria Victis became available for players as one of the most unique and ambitious projects on Steam.

Going to launch on Early Access we knew that we have to work hard to earn the players’ trust. However, we were determined to continue the Gloria Victis development. So we took a rather radical way to let the customers know about it – by releasing regular updates. What does it mean in our case? At least one update weekly. Let’s say that it’s not an easy ratio to keep up with, and we’re often losing breath, but it’s worth it. Not everyone can say that they released 50 updates in the first 9 months. Today, we can tell that we presented 250 updates, and made over 500 server-side ones in 229 weeks!

Gloria Victis is a project that should be understood as a “Game as a Service” – despite it already has a lot of features and systems, this is not an end. We will constantly update the game with the help of our community feedback and introduce new systems and features like we did in alpha, as we will continue that in the beta state, and after the game release. We will not slow down and we will keep up the pace!


With such a crazy updating rate, we’re able to develop different aspects of the game simultaneously despite being a moderately-small indie developer. It’s especially crucial for a game like this since Gloria Victis is based on three pillars – open PVP, territory control, and player-driven economy. The proper balance and interpenetration of those three results in great and immersive gameplay shared between all types of players – fighters, gatherers, builders, and crafters.

In recent weeks, we were happy to introduce a lot of massive updates and improvements, including visual refreshment of the game user interface, a full rework of one of the biggest and important systems of the game – freebuilding, combat movement update, and castle management system.


Freebuilding is one of the biggest and most impactful systems of Gloria Victis. When we introduced it into the game, it became another layer of gameplay and deepened the player economy, and it gave players a lot of freedom in creativity and tactical aspects of the game. The system received a full renovation with brand new detailed models, new features, an improved construction system, and more. It is time to grab an ax, hammer, and trowel once again and raise the walls of your own settlement!


At the same time, we are introduced a combat movement update, which speeds up the combat, improves the responsiveness of the combat movement, and will give players the ability to change their position more easily in the tactical aspects of the game on the battlefield. The changes have been already warmly welcomed by the community!


Inspired by the Bastion feature from the upcoming Siege Survival: Gloria Victis (game set in the world of Gloria Victis made by friend studio), we introduced the castle management system, offering better rewards for caring for the castles and their needs – both those controlled by nations and guilds. Combining Bastion with the recently introduced resource gathering system si adding a brand new rich gameplay layer and encouraging players to be more active in the ultimate conquest.

Key Features:

  • Non-Target Combat – Engage in action-based, non-target combat where your skills and tactics matter! Prove your skills and earn fame as an undefeatable duelist, eagle-eyed archer or respected commander inspiring your allies in battle!
  • Open PVP – Fight to the death in tournaments, towns and castles sieges and epic wars where entire armies collide!
  • Territory Control – Conquer the lands, siege non-instantiated towns and castles and develop fortifications to earn an advantage in the everlasting conflict of the realms!
  • Innovative Partial Loot System – Defeated your enemy? Take your reward, selecting which specific items you would like to loot – but hurry, the clock is ticking!
  • Forge Your Legend - Establish your reputation and move up the feudal hierarchy, leading your allies to victory under your guild’s banner. Mark your way to the top with the blood of your enemies – become a hero and make them fear you!
  • Player-driven Economy - Look for the best resources and materials out in the world, and capture resource nodes. Use workstations to craft high quality items, and cooperate with others to increase your efficiency and achieve mastery in one of 8 different realistic crafts. Plant your own seeds, tend your crops, and keep them safe from pillaging enemies! The economy is in your hands – swords don’t drop from wolves, they are forged by blacksmiths!
  • Class-less Progression – Become who you want to be, shaping your character without artificial classes and fully customizing your equipment using hundreds of available items!
  • Open Living World – Seamless, breathtaking, challenging, dynamically reacting to your actions – the diversified and overwhelming world of Gloria Victis awaits you!
  • Low-fantasy Setting – Explore the lands based upon medieval Europe and Middle-East, discover ancient secrets, seek for forgotten treasures and face creatures designed after medieval tales!

Gloria Victis is currently available through Steam Early Access.

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