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Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders

Platform(s): PC, Xbox
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Blueside
Release Date: Q1 2020

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'Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders' (ALL) Comes To PC Next Week

by Rainier on Feb. 18, 2020 @ 3:00 p.m. PST

Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders is real-time strategy/3rd person action hybrid game that virtually places you in the epic battlefield of a fantasy world.

Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders includes epic strategic and real-time tactics where any hero can turn the tide of battle. Players can level up their characters with powerful items and abilities as well as purchase an armory full of devastating weapons and upgrades for their troops.

Head into battle and fight for control of Bersia once more as either the Human Alliance or the Dark Legion. Fan favorites return to the fray including Gerald, Kendall, Leinheart and the terrifying Renier. Command legions on the battlefield while simultaneously laying waste to the enemy with your favorite hero. Players will need to master their hero’s attacks and combos in order to wade into battle and wreak havoc in fast-paced hack ‘n’ slash combat. Following the unique perspective of their hero, players will be able to turn the tide of battle in epic player-controlled moments and witness the disarray their attacks cause.

Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders is an unforgettable RTS/third-person action hybrid packed with action that for the first time will the renowned title to PC sixteen years after its debut on the original Xbox.

Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders will be releasing for PC (Steam) on February 28th. The PC port of the Xbox classic features the original’s beloved characters and lands of Bersia with a killer heavy metal soundtrack that fans still talk about today.

The action-strategy title has been adapted for modern-day PCs offering full controller support as well as the new keyboard and mouse mode with classic battlefields presented in widescreen HD.

Key Features:

  • Incredible real-time strategy - battlefield conditions, weather, and decision-making all contribute to the outcome of the battle. Players must think with haste and precision as their numbers dwindle.
  • Build the perfect army - with more than 100 warriors, players can build and assign roles for their troops going into war. Characters can level up and equipment can be upgraded to ensure armies are first-class.
  • Turn the tide of battle - heroes can change the outcome of battles in epic, player-controlled moments.
  • Witness a war through 4 unique perspectives - players can choose between 2 human nations and 2 Dark Legion nations to experience completely different plots of the game.
  • Keyboard and mouse support - a new method of controlling the battlefield is available to PC players.
  • Full Gamepad support
  • HD Resolution support.
  • Relive your favorite moments from the game with an unchanged authentic port to PC that gives players the experience they had upon release.

Released in 2004 on Xbox, Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders will be coming to PC (Steam) on February 28, 2020.

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