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April 2020

Drone Champions League - The Game

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: Racing
Publisher: THQ Nordic
Release Date: Feb. 18, 2020

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'Drone Champions League - The Game' (ALL) Free To Play On Steam This Weekend

by Rainier on March 26, 2020 @ 4:13 p.m. PDT

In Drone Champions League - The Game you fly the original tracks from DCL and experience Drone Racing like a professional pilot.

Drone Champions League AG and THQ Nordic GmbH announced the cooperation on releasing Drone Champions League The Game (DCL - The Game), the official videogame of Drone Champions League - the world's leading championship for professional drone racing teams.

DCL - The Game is a (drone) racing sim, where players control authentic and also crazy drones, that maneuver at extremely high velocities through impressive tracks. Racing through the streets of Torino (Italy) or over the Great Wall in China is a tough challenge and a unique experience. Not only the velocity makes the drones special to fly, but also the very small turning circle. Although the flight model of the drones stays very close to reality, the drone models do not. You can fly a fluffy unicorn or even a brick.

DCL - The Game is used for training and even for qualifying for the official Drone Champions League, and simulates the true racing experience. It's even possible to connect an authentic drone transmitter to your PC!

Got a free weekend? So have we!

DCL - The Game is available for FREE this weekend on Steam. Players can race against their friends, fly for fun or simply try out a new game. Pilots who want to be drafted into a Drone Racing Team to compete in the Drone Champions League 2020, should prove their skills this weekend as it is the last chance to get noticed.

Simply download DCL - The Game on Steam and play for free from now until March 29, 1pm PST / 10pm CEST.

But wait, there is more...

THQ Nordic offering a special 34% discount on DCL - The Game from now until March 30, 10am PST / 7pm CEST.

Key Features:

  • Authenticity: DCL The Game is modelled closely on real-life drone flight behaviour - so close that the top performing pilots in the game can compete in the DCL Draft Selection, where pilots will be drafted to real-life racing teams competing in the DCL
  • Four distinct flight modes: select from four different models: Arcade mode is perfect for beginners, thanks to the automated altitude control and simplified controls. GPS Mode flies like your standard camera drone, with stabilisation and altitude control. ANGLE MODE, also known as stabilised mode on some models is available on most amateur racing drones. ACRO MODE gives the pilot more control, this is how real drone racing and freestyle pilots control their drones
  • Drone controller support; fly the game with the actual drone remote controller (PC and Mac)
  • Game modes: free flight, time attack and online multiplayer (up to 30 people)
  • Choose from 24 different tracks ranging from Torino (Italy), the Great Wall of China (China), Laax (Switzerland), Neom (Saudi Arabia), to many other racing locations
  • Physical presets: choose from three unique physical presets for your drone: lightweight, DC19-Standard, and heavyweight for a very different flight behaviour. Highly realistic flight physics in these three set ups keeps competition balanced.
  • Leaderboard: Global leaderboard for each platform
  • Post-Launch plans
    • Make DCL real-life tracks available in-game prior to the actual event – qualifying for real-life races takes place inside the game
    • Track editor which allows creation of individual tracks (PC only)

Drone Champions League - The Game is currently available for PC ( (29.99 / EUR 29.99 / GBP 24.99), PS4, and Xbox One (39.99 / EUR 39.99 / GBP 34.99).

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