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April 2020

Builders of Egypt

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: CreativeForge Games (EU), PlayWay (US)
Developer: Strategy Labs

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'Builders of Egypt' Releases Free Prologue In Early Access - Trailer

by Rainier on March 3, 2020 @ 8:02 a.m. PST

Builders of Egypt is a city-building economic strategy taking place in the Nile Valley.

Immerse yourself in a world full of pyramids, where you will become a part of the ancient world. Create history, be history!

The story starts in a little-known protodynastic period in which you will be able to observe the birth of the Old Egypt and finished with the death of Cleopatra VII.

The most important aspect is the skillful management of urban planning by shaping the grid of streets, placing buildings and their mutual relation. Well-designed city will greatly improve economic efficiency which may convert into city income.

The Builders of Egypt: Prologue is currently available through Steam Early Access and is free to play.

“Early access provides an opportunity for players to actively participate in the game development process. This is particularly important due to the complex nature of economic games, where it is very important to keep the balance of the gameplay properly. This is very time-consuming, but can be done with the active support of players. The time thus gained will allow us to realize all the ideas and create a final product that will meet the expectations of the players who have supported us throughout the whole production process.”

“Early access will take a maximum of one year. We want to make sure that all of the game's mechanics are working properly, which in the case of economy game is a long process, not to mention writing a script, translating texts, searching for source materials and creating rich and detailed game content. We do not take shortcuts, so the game requires additional production time. The current version of the game includes first initial missions with a lot of interesting gameplay. Additional mechanics will appear as the game production progresses.”

“The game in its current version is fully playable. The Prologue at the moment contains one mission, which is an introduction to Ancient Egyptian history. It is possible to build a settlement from the scratch, production of wares and food, random events affecting the gameplay are available. Basic diplomacy and the general situation on the map of the region are also available, so the game offers a long gameplay right from the beginning. Additional mechanics as well as its changes, patches, balance adjustments, interface updates will be added to the game as regular updates.”

“The game will be updated on an ongoing basis with all new developments in gameplay mechanics as well as additional graphics, interface corrections and additional translations of game texts. In addition, we are also planning:

  • we plan to add free missions for functionality testing and additional game promotion
  • political actions on the world map
  • military units
  • several different events affecting the game
  • a clear distinction between social strata and their impact on gameplay
  • encyclopedia of the game concerning Ancient Egypt

Key Features:

  • Diplomacy and politics: The governor will face very difficult choices to be made in a constantly changing political environment. Costly expeditions, Pharaoh and other cities requests, military threat and a mixture of different cultures will be a commonplace. A series of wrong choices can cost the loss of trading partners and low interest in the city by settlers. Moreover, the total lack of obedience to the rulers may end up with a civil war.
  • Religion: Deity will be able to interfere with daily life but it will be done implicitly. The main aspect of religion will be satisfying the need for access to the places of worship, providing supplies for temples or organizing festivals. Neglecting this sphere may result in a dangerous social unrest on a par with e.g. famine.
  • Trade: Trade is the most important element in royal treasury. Without it, it is very difficult for economic stability built solely on taxes. Therefore, in the interest of the player, producing goods for export at prices that will be able to change dynamically depending on the geopolitical situation, will be required.
  • Monuments: What would the real Ancient Egypt be without its monumental sacred architecture? There are mastabas, obelisks, Karnak among others, the Ramesseum and of course the pyramids that are waiting to be built. You will be able to observe the slow process of construction. A team of carpenters, masons, architects and ordinary workers will rise building step by step. It will not be just a graphic feature - the building process is costly and will have an impact on the finances or the public mood.
  • War Egypt's history is full of clashes of emerging and failing empires. You will have the responsibility of defending cities from foreign military attacks, making plans to attack and joining your forces on Pharaoh's own call.

Builders Of Egypt is in development for PC (Steam).


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