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June 2020

Project Genesis

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: 8 Circuit Studios

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'Project Genesis' Available On Steam Early Access, Includes Founders Pack - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on May 22, 2020 @ 3:00 a.m. PDT

Combining intense FPS gameplay and space combat, Project Genesis is a grand-scale deep space survival that has players piloting massive spacefaring machines of destruction and infiltrating their enemies' ships in the pursuit of galactic domination.

Millenia ago, the ancient inhabitants of our tiny planet reached beyond Sol and to the stars only to lose this gift to an unforeseen cataclysm. An unlikely discovery in the 21st century re-introduced humankind to this lost technology, enabling the transmission of human consciousness to both spacecraft and synthetic humanoids. As a result, unbounded colonial expansion followed.

Project Genesis is set within a persistent universe that’s part of 8 Circuit Studios’ growing ecosystem based on the concept of the Metaverse — a series of interconnected virtual worlds and experiences without boundaries.

Project Genesis will mix FPS and starship combat, as players prowl the space lanes in massive star cruisers, duking it out with one another, then launching boarding parties to capture the enemy ships. During boarding actions, the game will switch to FPS mode, for an in-your-face combat experience. 

In Project Genesis, players inhabit an A.I. that learns that it must choose between self-sacrifice to save the last vestiges of the human race, or opt for self-determination to embark on its own destiny. This AI’s quest for preservation sets players out into the stars to pilot space cruisers and engage in furious combat that allows them to destroy their enemies using advanced technologies, fortify their ships from damage, and board enemy ships.

Project Genesis is now available on Steam Early Access for $29.99.

. To recognize early adopters for their support during the game’s development, the Project Genesis team is offering an exclusive Founders Pack only available to Early Access supporters. Once Project Genesis releases to general access, the Founder’s pack will no longer be available.

The pack contains a Founders insignia badge that can be displayed on ships and inside assault pods, as well as unlocking special ship and avatar customization palettes upon purchase.

The Founders pack will also contain a special skin, in-game credits, and a remastered version of the Project Genesis original soundtrack when the game officially releases in late 2020.

“While games like Star Citizen and Dreadnought do an incredible job of creating the epic atmosphere in the vastness of space with incredible ship design, and sci-fi FPS games such as Halo and Destiny are kind of like operatic first person shooters, we thought it would be fun to fuse the two genre types into one game, but focus specifically on tactical combat and team-based competition.” said James Mayo, Navigator and President of 8 Circuit Studios. “As an indie studio, we look up to the inspirational scale and scope AAA teams can achieve. Project Genesis gameplay is more compact, and lets players team up and jump into tactical aerospace combat and FPS infiltration assaults quickly, while all in the same match.”

The Project Genesis team operates under a rapid development model to ensure builds of major features and fixes are delivered to the community about every other month, though they have sometimes provided updates once a week. The team feels this pace keeps the game fresh with frequent improvements and also allows for iterating on community feedback in short timeframes.

Once the boarding party lands on the enemy ship, players will enter a first-person perspective as they infiltrate and eradicate enemy forces from the inside out. Destroying control points and clearing the ship gives one control over their enemy’s ship. Capturing ships and completing missions generate payouts to the victor, which take the form of XP, weapons, ammo, and in-game credits.

Things happen quickly in Project Genesis. You might be launching a hail of missiles into a doomed ship before breaching and boarding a capital ship you’re intent on capture. One minute you're setting an attack ship on fire off the shoulder of Enceladus II, the next you're rattling through the void in a breech pod and tearing through an enemy bulkhead into a corridor of who knows what... Project Genesis aims to hit some of the most dramatic and iconic moments of space opera action in a visceral and evocative way!

Space flight is played in third-person; steer the ship and freely aim the camera and weapons at targets. The flight model is physical and dramatic. Weapons are easy to use, targeting and HUD are clearly spelled out.

The First Person Shooter experience, is intuitive and follows the standard control scheme common in most FPS combat games. After acquiring a target breach point, slip into an avatar, launch your breech pod, and rip aboard the target vessel to bathe in first-person glory. Avatar combat is close quarters, fluid, and familiar.

The emphasis in Project Genesis is seamlessly merging these two modes without having to adjust to new control configurations and viewing perspectives.

Across 3rd person space combat, and FPS modes, the controls use a common paradigm:

  • HP—Hull or Health, the primary damage resource
  • Energy (E)—the consumable resource for shields, weapons, and abilities
  • Two main weapons that taste great together
  • One passive and two active abilities

Ship and avatar designs set up familiar relationships—tank, support, dps, etc.—but synergies and solo viability are always in mind. Boost and sprint, shields, recharge and cell capacities, weapon loadouts, countermeasures, abilities, utilities/throwables create a lot of levers. The rest is kicking ass with weaponized tools in space.

The current approach is best-of three-round matches, where later rounds depend on earlier outcomes. To win a round, complete your team objective before the clock runs out. Easy. On the way, take opportunities to gain advantage for your team, now or in the next round. If neither team gets the upper hand in the first two rounds, a final round is played, wrapping up the match in dramatic fashion.

Our community has been crucial to every step as we develop our core play, and continues to be our focus as mode, mission and map designs progress. There's so much more fun to be had and we hope you’ll join in the process of getting there with us.

A season in Project Genesis is structured around a bundle of story, stuff and features, with a full competitive Circuit. Each season offers limited content to every player, and Battle Passes grant access to season-limited cosmetics and collectibles. In Season One, meet the universe where you'll battle as mercenaries and radicals and suck-up loyalists. Learn the ropes with us all, and learn what matters.

Everything begins with the historical flashback, a short and sweet introduction to flying and fighting in the Project Genesis universe. The sessions conclude with earning your next ship and avatar.

Project Genesis is stan for competitive gaming, and a ranked Circuit should be the standard venue for serious play. Circuit play begins after the deployment and testing of a Season. Matches can be themed and flavored with the current season's narrative, while the mission particulars and round structure stays centered on well-tested, community approved formats.

For an opportunity join and contribute to the direction of Project Genesis, prospective Test Pilots can submit both an email address on the the official website and join the conversation in Discord.

Project Genesis is in development for PC and consoles.

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