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September 2020

Clash: Mutants vs Pirates

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: NewGen
Release Date: June 12, 2020

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'Clash: Mutants vs Pirates' Gets Release Date - Screens

by Rainier on May 27, 2020 @ 7:00 a.m. PDT

Clash: Mutants vs Pirates is a third-person MOBA where vicious space pirates face off against merciless mutants for the future of the world.

Featuring 8 distinct champions and the unique Kinvader Mode, Clash MVP blends styles ranging from medieval fantasy to sci-fi in fast-paced battles for dominion over Planet Earth.

In Clash MVP players will be able to choose from a mix of ranged and melee champions. The diverse cast of characters ranges from formidable tanks to devastating damage dealers and nimble healers. Each champion in Clash: Mutants vs Pirates brings a special ability to help turn the tide of battle in favor of their team. Fans of the MOBA genre will see familiar mechanics in Clash MVP such as controlling minions to fight for their team as well as earning experience to level up their favorite heroes and unlock rewards.

Clash MVP departs from the standard top-down view of MOBAs and instead puts players in third-person view. Additionally, it introduces Kinvader mode where teams will fight it out to invade their opponents’ base with the aid of a powerful ally, the Kinvader. Working to capture strategic points on the map, each team will attempt to help their Kinvader move forward while also thwarting the advances of the enemy team. The team that manages to defend their own Kinvader while defeating the opposition’s and invading their base will secure victory.

From now through June 12, players can get a head start on their Clash MVP collection by pre-ordering one of three bundles. Each pack will give players access to a founder’s badge, load screens, exclusive avatars, emotes, titles, and sprays as well as the in-game currency orbs. Players can also pre-purchase orb bundles that they can redeem for skins, emotes, sprays, music, titles, avatars, and more of their choice.

Key Features:

  • Choose between 8 champions with unique abilities.
  • Unleash mighty special attacks to turn the tide of battle in your team’s favor.
  • Control minions and use them to strategically fight for your team.
  • Enhance your abilities and skills with a number of items available in each match.
  • Gain experience for your champion in each battle to level up and unlock rewards.
  • Deploy tower defenses or powerful machine guns to thwart enemy onslaught.
  • Multiple game modes to choose from including the unique Kinvader mode and team deathmatch.
  • Queue up solo, with friends, or create custom matches of 3v3, 4v4, or 5v5.

Clash: Mutants vs Pirates will be free-to-play and coming to PC (Steam) in June 12, 2020.

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