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August 2020

Bake 'n Switch

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Streamline Media
Developer: Streamline Games
Release Date: Summer 2020

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'Bake 'n Switch' (ALL) Kickstarter Fully Funded, Unlocks Stretch Goals

by Rainier on May 28, 2020 @ 7:35 p.m. PDT

Bake 'n Switch is a couch co-op and PVP game where strange, adorable dough creatures are sacrificed to Guardians of Dough!

A long time a dough in a bakery far, far away, The First Bakers came together to defeat the Scourge. The Scourge threatened their precious food source – unreasonably cute and blobular dough creatures that roam the land.

Work as a team (up to 4 players) or sabotage each other to punch, combine, and bake the doughs before time runs out.

It’s a breadful task but someone’s gotta do it!

To save their world, The Bakers must combine the doughs – the bigger the dough, the higher your score…

…and bake heaving mounds of dough in the oven before time runs out!

Earlier this month Streamline Games launched a Kickstarter campaign for Bake 'n Switch, looking to raise $30,000 to deliver online multi-player for launch day. 

Now that initial funding goal for Bake ‘n Switch has been reached, the developer has opening up stretch goals and securing multiplayer inclusion in the game at launch.

The Bake ‘n Switch stretch goals include new adorable character outfits ($60k), a whole batch of new PvP levels ($90k) and even a full single-player mode ($120k) for players who want to experience a solo adventure.

"We're filled with gratitude over the support and response that the community has given to the Bake 'n Switch Kickstarter campaign. It reaffirms that we are still on the right track in giving players what they want," said Alexander Fernandez, CEO of Streamline Media Group. "We set up this campaign so that we could play apart, together by ensuring Bake 'n Switch has multiplayer capabilities from the start. Now that we've accomplished this we are excited to see how far it can go!"

Bake ‘n Switch has been a dream project for us so far because of the support from players,” said Stefan Baier, COO of Streamline Games. “We started with a rather small idea that has risen and expanded through feedback from our awesome community, and we are really looking forward to seeing what you all think of our efforts in making this game as interactive and fun as it can be.”

Journey through the levels to summon the Guardians, satiate their insufferable munchies and gain their aid to defeat The Scourge. Little did the Bakers know what the Guardians demanded in return…

Punch away yucky Spores and Stickies before innocent buns turn bad! If you’re lucky, collect power-ups to Freeze, Electrify, Magnet & Solar Palm your way to victory!

Test your friendships by sabotaging each others ovens to bake as many doughs to win gloating rights.

Bakers hold the most prestigious yet perilous position amongst their kin. Only the swiftest and sharpest of the lot get called to enter the inner sanctum of The First Bakers.

Currently available on Steam Early Access, Bake 'n Switch is also coming to Nintendo Switch in summer 2020.

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