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Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG/Action
Developer: A2 Softworks

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'Gatewalkers' Kicks Off Open Alpha On Steam

by Rainier on June 25, 2020 @ 12:00 a.m. PDT

Gatewalkers is a cooperative action-survival production with RPG elements, in which players will travel through different worlds to save their own.

In the game you take on a role of one of the “Gatewalkers”. You are a member of an elite organization called Guild, which, in order to save their homeland, explores distant corners of the universe. In Gatewalkers you will explore procedurally generated lands and face their inhabitants or other challenges, such as extreme weather conditions or toxic air.

During your journey through the gates you will face various dangers and all you can depend on are your reflexes, the ability to move around the battlefield, plan you actions and cooperate. Enemies that you will face will require you to adjust your strategy and equipment. In Gatewalkers, with the change of your equipment comes a change of your fight style - all the skills are attributed to particular elements of your armor and weapons.

The survival part of the game will expose RPG lovers to new challenges, which are rare in this genre. Looking for resources needed to craft new weapons, maintaining good mental health or caring for other basic needs of the character are only some of the offered mechanics.

Gatewalkers smoothly blends a survival game with RPG elements, creating a one-of-a-kind combination of game mechanics. Embark on an extraordinary journey, solo or with other players. Explore procedurally generated maps, face monsters lurking in the darkness, survive in toxic air and create your own unique build.

The cooperative action game with survival and aRPG elements enters into its next development stage an open alpha, join now!

Running from June 25 until June 29, this Alpha includes:

  • Go for 6 expeditions
  • Explore 3 different worlds (forest, toxic and ice)
  • Conquer 5 bosses
  • Find hidden secret chests and fight with the guardian to find epic and/or legendary loot!
  • Face time challenges with "challenge box" system
  • Find deep caves and face the underground creatures
  • Customize your build with epic and legendary items
  • Use the newly created passive skill system with chargeable power spell
  • Explore cooperative expedition with your friends and face cooperative puzzle mini-games
  • Do 3 different objectives for the Guild

"During this alpha test, we are introducing quite a lot of new mechanics to the game. We can't wait to know how players will feel about them. The first big change is a passive skill system with an active charge spell system that we have added to the game. Both systems lead to even deeper customization of the players' characters. In addition to that, we have expanded the exploration element of the game by adding hidden chests, challenge boxes, and caves. Finally, we are giving players some sneak peek of the storyline of Gatewalkers! We all in A2 Softworks, hope that players will enjoy the tests! Let us meet on the other side of the gate!" - Andrzej Stroiński, Game&Creative director of Gatewalkers.

Key Features:

  • Team Co-op - team up with up to 4 players, fight terrifying monsters, survive extreme weather conditions and stay alive!
  • World exploration - each world type introduces a unique survival mechanic that forces players to adapt
  • Team survival - share the responsibilities, surviving is easier together than alone
  • Skill based combat - no target system: all of the skills may be missed
  • Crafting - choose an item, get the materials and appropriate recipe in order to build it
  • You are what you wear - there are no character-classes, (with your clothing) you (can) decide what your strategy will be
  • Procedural worlds generation - you never know what will happen after you cross the Gate...

Gatewalkers is in development for PC, with Early Access expected in Q4 2020.

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