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Light Trail Rush

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: B2Expand

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'Light Trail Rush' Available Through Steam Early Access

by Rainier on July 14, 2020 @ 7:14 p.m. PDT

Light Trail Rush is a fast-paced, arcade-style vehicular brawler where gamers compete either as a Tracer or a Chaser.

After centuries of space expansion, Ambrosium became the most coveted resource in the galaxy, the cause of conflict. When the Pax Ambrosia Treaty ended the war, the defeated and battered Houses were forced to surrender all Ambrosium trade rights to the Konsortium. Even though the treaty brought peace, the unfair distribution of resources and power resulted in a growing underground rebellion against the Konsortium. The Konsortium uses the Light Trail competitions as a peacekeeping endeavour to appease the masses. Millions attend Light Trail competitions, and the sport is a popular form of entertainment as well as a political outlet. Heroes of the Light Trail League bring hope and pride to the working class.

Welcome to Light Trail Rush! In a far future the galaxy is looking at the Light Trail competitions with excitement. This is where heroes are made and champions write history. In this action-packed brawler it's not about reaching a finish line. Through fast-paced gameplay and tactical use of power-ups eight competitors need to battle each other for points. Secure the most points and you will claim victory.

The leader of the pack is called the Tracer. He's the one drawing the road, free-roaming through the battle arena in space. By making the road treacherous, those chasing him will fall off. This will earn the Tracer points. At the same time the Chasers are fighting each other in an effort to claim the first spot. By using all kinds of power-ups, Chasers can earn points by bumping each other off the road.

He who reaches the point limit first, is victorious. Light Trail Rush guarantees action-packed and fast-paced gameplay. Now let’s brawl!

Light Trail Rush is available on Steam Early Access 4.99 EUR

Thank you to those who tested the game during its early stages, and we hope that you will enjoy the premium early access version.

We're giving away weekly prizes, ranging from in-game currencies to unique skins that you can sell on the open market thanks to the power of blockchain technology. You can win by being the best Tracer or Chaser, by reaching the highest score or by collecting the most points during a week.

“The full version of Light Trail Rush will have more options for social and professional competition. In addition we want to leverage blockchain technology to bring you an even better experience. In the end we would love Light Trail Rush to be for space brawling what Rocket League has been for motorized football.”

Because of these arcade gameplay mechanics, the roads don’t have a traditional finish line. Instead, the match will end when one player reaches the point limit in a six-minute game.

In Light Trailer Rush, gamers take charge over one of four types of spaceships, each with their own characteristics. These spaceships can be customized with player-owned unique skins and decorations, all stored on the blockchain in the player’s private wallet. These can also be traded on vibrant public marketplaces for digital collectables.

Key Features:

  • Unique action-packed, fast-paced gameplay
  • Players draw the road themselves
  • Free roaming through different battle arenas
  • Each map procedurally generated, no race is the same
  • Online multiplayer for eight players
  • Full controller support
  • Four unique space ships, each with different attributes
  • Unlockable customization options
  • Unique skins, player-owned, stored on the Ethereum blockchain

Light Trail Rush is in development for PC (Steam).

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