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August 2020

Killing Stream

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: PlayWay
Developer: Iron Wolf Studio
Release Date: Q2 2021

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'Killing Stream' Announced - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on July 29, 2020 @ 4:27 p.m. PDT

Killing Stream is an first-person perspective movie thriller, where viewers get fully engaged by making decisions for the main character and have a real impact on the story.

Killing Stream is a feature-length, interactive thriller with horror elements, in which fate of the main character depends entirely on the viewer.

The action of Killing Stream starts with a sequence during which the main character meets an interesting girl at a party. Mysteriously, he suddenly loses consciousness and wakes up in an unknown place, in a dingy, cluttered room, connected to an IV. While trying to get out, he witnesses a young woman being murdered by a large thug. Terrified, he starts running away through the winding corridors. Now he must find a way out and discover why it was him who got kidnapped. A labyrinth of old factory rooms, industrial cameras all around the premises and a group of brutal torturers lurking for his life do not make it an easy task.

Killing Stream tells the story from a first person perspective to intensify the immersion and put audience in the main character’s shoes. Showing how the story develops from a first person perspective is a rare solution in film productions. However, the developers chose this mean of expression for a reason.

“We made this move to increase the immersion. Our potential viewer not only influences the scenario by making choices throughout the story, but also watches the world from the main character’s perspective, which helps get into the plot even more.” - says Bartosz Pluta, the CEO of Iron Wolf Studio.

The “Point of View” perspective precisely builds up a mood of mystery and tension, combining it with atmospheric, dark music and suggestive sounds. We not only see exactly what our character does, but we are equally lost - we don't know where to run, how we got there and why someone wants to kill us. The choices we make during the show not only determine whether we survive or die, but also lead us to one of the three endings.

Main character’s parkour abilities are an additional asset of Killing Stream. In some situations he has to jump over a dangerous gap, climb a steel silo or cross a narrow footbridge over a several-meter-deep hole in the ground. Our hero can also use his abilities when facing enemies. As a viewer we have to act fast, since defeating some of the obstacles will require pressing given button sequences rapidly (the so-called quick time events).

“The setting of the story mentioned above is definitely an advantage of our production. Apart from a few bits, most of the movie was shot in a 100-year-old historic Szombierki Heat and Power Plant in Bytom, Poland. The magnitude of the complex and its architecture were a perfect match for our film. Each corner was basically a ready set for every single shot of the movie.” - adds Maciej Szafranek, the director of Killing Stream.

Killing Stream is in development for PC (Steam), scheduled for Q2 2021.

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