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Twitch Prime August 2020 Free Games & Loot Lineup Announced

by Rainier on July 30, 2020 @ 9:00 a.m. PDT

August is around the corner, which means yet another batch of Free Games and in-game loot for Twitch Prime members.

Twitch Prime membership includes access to epic in-game loot for blockbuster games, dozens of free games with Prime, a free subscription to their favorite Twitch broadcaster every 30 days, plus all the benefits of Amazon Prime.

Welcome to the August 2020 Twitch Prime press update! Be sure to read on below for the latest free games and loot offerings for Twitch Prime members! In August, Twitch Prime is offering 23 FREE games for members, including 14 SNK games, five Free Games with Prime titles and four bonus games from the month of July!

Additionally, new in-game loot will be available for popular triple-a releases, including Apex Legends, Red Dead Online, Grand Theft Auto Online, DOOM Eternal, League of Legends and much more!

August Free Games with Prime

August’s Free Games with Prime lineup is offering something for every kind of gamer!

This month’s five free games include:

  • Shaq Fu 2
  • Warsaw
  • Treachery in Beatdown City
  • Chroma Squad
  • Blazing Chrome


Twitch Prime members can now claim more arcade classics from legendary video game developer SNK as part of a special offer available exclusively for Prime members.

This expansive access to the legendary SNK arcade library is the first offer of its kind for Prime members, and includes a diverse collection of titlesfor all gamers, from longtime fans who grew up playing these games after school in the arcade to newcomers experiencing these iconic titles for the first time. This release is the second of three free game drops, and Prime members can look forward to even more free titles in the coming months.

The second collection of SNK games includes the following:

  1. Metal Slug 2Metal Slug 2 improves upon the original run and gun title, offering several new features, weapons and vehicles.
  2. SNK 40th Anniversary Collection – This compilation features several acclaimed titles from SNK’s arcade library and includes 24 incredible games, such as P.O.W. Prisoners of War, Psycho Soldier, Street Smart and Ikari Warriors
  3. Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad – Play as one of four mercenary characters in the sequel to the 2D top-down view action shooting game and fight your way through bullet hell.
  4. Baseball Stars 2 – Lace up your cleats and step onto the diamond with the pros in this classic arcade baseball game.
  5. Sengoku 3 – Experience this side-scrolling beat ‘em up classic arcade game to save the world against the evil spirits wreaking havoc.
  6. Ironclad – Blast your way through thrilling stages in this 1996 side-scrolling shoot ‘em up game.
  7. King of the Monsters – Fight your way against giant monsters in this classic wrestling game first released in 1991.

As a reminder, Twitch Prime members can still claim titles from the first batch of SNK games, including:

  • Art of Fighting 2
  • Blazing Star
  • Fatal Fury Special
  • The King of Fighters 2000
  • The King of Fighters 2002
  • Pulstar
  • Samurai Shodown II

In-Game Loot

Red Dead Online (Now Available)

Unlock the following loot:

  1. Reward for 5 Free Legendary Animal Pheromones
  2. Reward for 6,000 Naturalist XP
  3. Free Kataka Coat

Warframe (Now Available)

The Warframe loot keeps coming! This month, claim the following content:

  • Apis Syandana (Tennocon themed)
  • 7-Day Drop Chance Booster
  • 7-Day Resource Booster

Grand Theft Auto Online (Now Available)

Earn GTA$200,000 each week you play GTA Online! In addition, free access to Vespucci Canals Nightclub property in the game.

League of Legends (Now Available)

Starting on 7/28, Prime members will be able to claim up to 6 Mystery Skin Shards over the next two months!

Over the next month, players can claim NEW drops on the following dates:

  • Drop 1: 7/28 – 8/27
  • Drop 2: 8/7 – 8/27
  • Drop 3: 8/17 – 8/27

Doom Eternal (Now Available)

RAZE HELL in style with the exclusive Hotrod Slayer Skin, the Hotrod Ballista weapon skin, a new player icon, and title card.

Apex Legends (Now Available)

Prime Members get two Apex Legends drops this month. Players can claim an exclusive Pathfinder skin and the mixtape gun charm.

Destiny 2 (Now Available)

The free loot for Destiny 2 keeps coming! Until August 19, unlock the following bonuses:

  • Tractor Cannon Exotic Shotgun
  • Machinist's Trove Exotic Weapon Ornament
  • Shadow Trespass Exotic Ship
  • Cavalcade Legendary Sparrow

Legends of Runeterra (Now Available)

Get a free Champion Wildcard, Epic Wildcard, Rare Wildcard and Expedition Draft

Epic Seven (Now Available)

Epic Seven is partnering with Twitch Prime to launch 12 drops totaling over $300 worth of content to Prime members. The first drop includes a hero summon ticket that players can use to unlock a new in-game hero.

King Of Avalon (Now Available)

Raise your dragon and build your army in the quest to lift Excalibur and become the King. Taste power and victory while making friends and enemies along the way. Claim Speed Up Items, Resources, Battle Buff Items and Castle Skin!

Teamfight Tactics (Now Available)

Teamfight Tactics fans, listen up! Unlock a Little Legend Egg in this latest loot drop.

Black Desert Mobile (Available August 5)

Players can claim a Growth Support Chest with items that help them progress through the story and win battles. The Growth Support Chest includes:

  • Lightstone Fragment
  • Alchemy Stone Fragment
  • Relic Fragment
  • Ancient Gold Coin
  • Tier 1 Pet Chest

Yahtzee with Buddies (Available August 6)

Explore the Adventure Giveaway by unlocking 500 coins + 3 mega scratchers.

Big Farm (Available August 10)

Earn x25 fuel in this special offer for Big Farm.

Runescape (Offers Ends August 11)

Players can claim FOUR Umbral Chests, each one with a guaranteed super rare reward inside!

You can try it free right here, and when you do, you get all the Twitch Prime benefits instantly just by linking your Twitch account to your Amazon account.

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