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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Deev Interactive
Release Date: July 2021

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'LightBreak' Announced - Trailer

by Rainier on July 30, 2020 @ 7:25 p.m. PDT

LightBreak is a story-driven musical puzzle adventure that follow Ava, a young traveler that has undertaken numerous adventures and now wishes to return home to recount her tales to her mother.

Ava, however, has lost her voice, and due to her mother’s blindness cannot rely on visual storytelling. Ava’s one source of communication to her mother is the powerful musical instrument she wields.

In LightBreak, players will need to help Ava make the right music as she attempts to recount her tales and reconnect with her mother Afrouz. Ava’s instrument, the Saaz, is a thing of incredible power, with the ability to connect to the emotions of whoever plays it. Players will follow Ava’s many adventures that were filled with both wonder and tragedy and decipher how to help Ava express her emotions through the music of the Saaz.

Ava’s biggest hurdle in retelling her story is facing the loss of her voice at the hands of the relentless Sorcerer King Mana. Ava struggles to connect with her emotions tied to the event, finding difficulty when facing the task of finding the proper notes for which to communicate the event to her mother. With a focus on communication and connecting with family, players in LightBreak will need to think outside of the norm in order to help Ava work through the loss of her voice while also conveying her emotions to her mother.

A feast for the eyes and ears, players will bring out visual representations of Ava’s thoughts through playing the Saaz. By solving puzzles and connecting the Saaz to Ava’s emotions, players will create stunning audio and visual landscapes throughout their journey.

Key Features:

  • A story-driven adventure about communicating and connecting with family.
  • Discover soundscapes as Ava works through the emotions of her travels.
  • Create stunning visual representations of Ava’s thoughts through the music of the Saaz.
  • Interactive audio design by an award-winning composer.
  • Ephemeral hand-drawn art and animation.
  • Creative mode that supports level creation and sharing.

LightBreak will be coming to mobile devices and PC in July 2021.

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