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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Squeaky Wheel Studio
Developer: Maccima Games
Release Date: 2021

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'Ruinarch' Early Access Launch Planned for Next Week

by Rainier on Aug. 12, 2020 @ 11:38 a.m. PDT

Ruinarch is a simulation/strategy game where the player is a demon overlord invading randomly generates fantasy worlds.

Ruinarch is a devilishly fun simulation game featuring procedural story generation. As an evil demon overlord creating havoc and invading fantasy worlds, a rich and fertile land lies before you; ripe for the picking. Take over regions one by one, spreading your influence inexorably towards the heart of the kingdom. Poison people's food, raise the dead, and inflict endless misery. Turn heroic defenders into pitiful wretches by unleashing an array of demonic spells upon them and create a hellish chronicle for the ages.

Weaving tales of anguish and woe are central to Ruinarch. You could simply summon a pack of wolves to attack the region, but a true evil overlord toys with his prey first. Turn the local village idiot into a cultist that secretly works on your behalf, and watch as he eagerly turns the tables on the villagers that mercilessly mocked him for his deficiencies. Inflict the local hero with lycanthropy and watch as his once loyal followers turn on him when the full moon rises. Or if you’re feeling lazy and don't want to come up with anything creative, just start a zombie apocalypse!

Each playthrough generates a random fantasy world for you to conquer, and different worlds offer varied situations for you to exploit, manipulate and corrupt -- providing unlimited replayability!

Originally scheduled for May 2020, the Early Access launch of evil overlord simulator Ruinarch is now scheduled for August 25, 2020 at $19.99.

Ruinarch is a highly experimental game with emergent storytelling and gameplay at its core. As a small indie team, we have a lot of ambitious ideas but we need the help of the community to test them out and provide feedback and critique to guide our development in the right direction. While we have a clear road map for the upcoming year, we are also very open to adjusting and pivoting based on what the community really wants.

The current game includes a random world generator that produces procedurally-generated maps with multiple factions and regions that interact to produce emergent ever-changing worlds. The player will have access to seven different demon-type minions, eight demonic structures, dozens of Spells, along with a handful of Summons and Artifacts.

Key Features

  • Generate an infinite number of procedural fantasy worlds
  • Invade elven villages, human towns, bandit camps, ancient ruins, monster lairs, and much more!
  • Build demonic structures with various world corrupting capabilities
  • Summon minions and recruit cultists to assist in world domination
  • Unleash powerful spells, dangerous monsters and mystical artifacts upon the world and watch the mayhem unfold
  • Fracture the kingdom into multiple competing subfactions to weaken them from inside
  • Wipe out the world’s defenders - each one equipped with complex AI that takes into account its needs, traits and relationships.
  • Start an epidemic. (Probably too soon; but, yes you can.)

Ruinarch is currently planned for full release in 2021.

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