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The Viking Way

Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG/Action
Publisher: KK Softworks
Developer: Ice Lava Games

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'The Viking Way' Announced - Screens

by Rainier on Aug. 15, 2020 @ 1:29 p.m. PDT

The Viking Way is an RPG where you experience the Viking way of life as you sail, explore, trade, build a fleet, and lead your heathen army to raid and conquest.

Write your own story of the golden Viking age. You have many choices, and a leader can always find his own.

A Storm is brewing in the North Sea... With Odin by your side, sail your Viking Longships, explore the world, hear the blades slashing through skulls.

Trade and acquire treasures to strengthen your heathen army, and discover the great mystery of the North Sea.

The Viking Way will be coming to Steam Early Access and will remain so for one year and a half.

“We already have all the essential game features, but there are many more we would like to add to improve the game even more, such as mounted combat, extended world map, and more stories. We would like to keep developing these features while players can already play it and provide us valuable feedback. The current stage has all of the core features, including sailing, trading, army and fleet management, naval combat, ground combat, several NPC companions, and 30% of quests.”

“The full version will have a complete campaign mode with numerous NPC characters, quests, an extended overworld map, more weapons, units, and naval vessels. The final version will also have improved skirmish, naval and siege combat.”

Key Features

  • Sailing and Exploration: Be prepared for a perilous journey on the sea. Optimize your supplies and ship loadouts to survive through storms, icebergs, and reefs. Keep your mind and weapons sharp to take on ravenous pirates at any time. Sail with a careful plan and a bit of luck, new lands full of fortune and adventure await.
  • Trading: Embrace the high risk, higher reward trading system. As you discover new settlements in different countries, learn each market’s unique supply and demand. Build the most efficient trading route, avoiding major hazards and food shortages on the sea to make sure you and your goods arrive in one piece. Take settlements under your reign and develop for sustainable fortune.
  • Fleet and Army Management: Design your fleet units wisely for each trip. Upgrade cargo vessels with larger storage space and faster sails. Fortify your battleships with powerful ballistic and armors to protect your cargo. Recruit fearless warriors to ravage anyone in your way.
  • Brutal Skirmish and Raiding: Engage in third-person, close-quarters visceral combat. Recruit warriors and hero companions to expand Vikings’ imposing presence. Stay cold-blooded for greed. Reap defenseless villages and monasteries, and bravely charge into fortified cities and resilient strongholds. Use your sword, axe, spear, and shield wall to pursue domination of power, wealth, and fame.
  • Groundbreaking Naval Combat: Intense naval combat requires you to fight smartly. Experience an innovative combination of artillery firing at the range and detailed boarding action. Fire repeatedly at a distance to weaken the enemy, then chase them down, ram them hard, grapple, and board to annihilate them all and loot rare trading stocks.
  • Get Social, Discover the Uncharted: As you grow your notoriety/fame, you will draw plenty of attention from kingdoms' rulers. Take on their exclusive missions for lucrative rewards. Interact with bartender girls during your off time. Be generous on your tip, and they may share some rumors that eventually lead you to unprecedented ancient treasures.
  • Customize Your Own Viking Chief: Classic RPG elements are infused into the game. Attribute unique skill points, loot legendary medieval weapons, and equipment along the way to becoming the most notorious Viking Chieftain of Europe.
  • Story Mode: Follow the main storyline and side quests that lead you to become the most powerful Viking leader. Interact with numerous NPCs and complete their request to gain trust and new opportunities. The none-liner storytelling brings you the maximum freedom and a vivid medieval world.

The Viking Way is in development for PC (Steam).

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