The Cycle

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: Yager
Release Date: Q4 2020

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'The Cycle' (ALL) Target Q4 Launch With Major Content Update, Also Comes To Steam - Screens

by Rainier on Aug. 28, 2020 @ 11:19 a.m. PDT

The Cycle is a match-based FPS where you compete to fulfill contracts (quests) during a match that lasts approximately 20 mins. Staying on the planet for longer than that is bad for your health.

With The Cycle, Yager introduces the Competitive Quester, a new genre of PvEvP shooter with a strong focus on emergent social dynamics.

Welcome to Fortuna III. Far as we can tell, this rock was terraformed by aliens a long time ago. The Federation tried colonizing it, but the Cycle put an end to that. We’re talking world-spanning storms that kill anything dumb enough to set foot planetside and these storms are happening more often than not.

Your home is a spinning collection of tin cans known as Prospect Station. The main thing going for it is that it's not the surface. It ain’t pretty, but no one said life on the frontier was going to be easy.

You put up with this junk for one reason: to get rich. The planet’s full of exotic materials that the major galactic factions pay serious credits for. When the Cycle breaks, that’s your window to get down there and get to work. Just watch out for the competition – the long arm of the law doesn’t reach out this far.

Cash in your contracts and those same factions will set you up with some shiny gear. They’ve got big guns, little guns, medium guns, and a collection of gadgetry that’d make your jaw drop. Getting the job done is whole lot easier when you’ve got a jetpack and a laser cannon at your side.

At gamescom 2020, YAGER announced its competitive quest shooter The Cycle will officially launch out of early access in Q4 2020 on the Epic Games Store as well as making its debut on Steam, and will feature crossplay between both platforms

The Cycle is free to play in early access for PC via the Epic Games Store. Players can also grab the Fortuna Pass, a special season pass available in both free and premium tiers and featuring over 150 exclusive unlockable rewards.

The Cycle’s official launch will also usher in extensive new changes to make the experience even more dramatic and challenging. In addition to a new map, weapons and modes, YAGER is developing new and reimagined features to emphasize the game’s survival elements, let players set their own goals, and bring real consequences to players’ actions.

Key Features

  • A new Frontier: Explore the world of Fortuna III - a hostile, beautiful new world, full of fortune, alien life, and other players looking to take its riches.
  • Storm: The cycle leaves only a narrow window of opportunity - stay too long, and you will be trapped on the planet.
  • Pacting: Players can meet on the surface of Fortuna III and join uneasy alliances with one another as they complete contracts
  • Black Market: Players have a wide arsenal of weapons and gear available to them, all with different playstyles, that can be purchased during a match
  • Crafting: Players can spend their precious credits on creating new gear to take into the next match
  • Quests: Shooting may give you an edge - but the best prospectors are those who can take on dangerous jobs for factions during a match
  • Customization: A wide selection of gear that players progress through, tailoring their character to their individual playstyle, with more options regularly added

Currently available through Early Access, The Cycle is coming to PC (Games Store and Steam) in Q4 2020, with consoles at a later date.

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