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Star Trek Online

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Atari
Developer: Cryptic Studios
Release Date: Feb. 2, 2010 (US), Feb. 5, 2010 (EU)

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'Star Trek Online' (ALL) Celebrates Star Trek: Lower Decks TV Series With Freebies, In-Game Event

by Rainier on Aug. 7, 2020 @ 8:31 a.m. PDT

Star Trek Online is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game where players can pioneer their own destiny as Captain of a Federation starship or become a Klingon Warrior and champion the Empire through the far reaches of the galaxy.

Set in the year 2409, Star Trek Online will allow players to immerse themselves in the future of the Star Trek universe, exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilizations in an ever expanding vast universe. Command a starship as a Federation or a Klingon Captain, outfit it with custom systems and recruit, train and mold a crew into an elite force for exploration and combat. Missions take players into thrilling space battle, planetside for face-to-face combat and even inside starships!

With customizable ships and characters from the Klingon Empire and United Federation of Planets, ground, space and shipboard gameplay and unique options for player-generated content set in the Star Trek universe, Star Trek Online is the MMOG that allows you to boldly go where no one has gone before!

Star Trek Online, is celebrating the premiere of the animated comedy series, “Star Trek: Lower Decks,” on CBS All Access by giving players access to crew members straight from the show. Four of the main characters of the show are now special duty officers, and are available for free.

Captain’s Log: Stardate…um…we’ll edit that in later. The crew of the U.S.S. Cerritos, um, specifically her support crew, have been thrown forward in time. Or turned into holograms. Or possibly Excalbian constructs. Any way, they’re in 2411 now, and they’ve been given the very, very, very important assignment of helping out on your ship. Use them how you like! Just, uh, maybe leave the Bat’leth and Romulan Whiskey storage locked. Like, at all times. Our med bay is already overstaffed, ok?

Seriously. Lock the doors. We’re not kidding.

Available now, the characters of Lower Decks are coming to your Duty Officer roster on all platforms! You’ll be able to pick up Boimler, Mariner, Tendi and Rutherford to add to your Federation crews. Each of them come with a unique, active power, and it’s even sometimes helpful. They’re completely free in the Duty Officers tab of the Zen Store.

On top of the new free characters, Star Trek Online will host a limited-time summer event, now through September 3 that features a variety of new content, including:

  • A Risian Weather Control Vessel that can be earned via fun summer activities
  • New items in the Summer Event Store, including:
    • Baseball-themed items
    • New Rainbow Tribble and Caracal Pets
    • Sex Phasers and Sons of None rock T-shirts
  • Kit Modules
  • A Summer themed Kit Frame 
  • Much more! 

During Star Trek Online’s 2020 Summer Event, players participating in the festivities available at the Risa resort can earn Daily Event Progress towards an exciting new ship by participating in any of the following activities once per day. As with other recent events, progress towards this ship is account-wide, as is the final reward!

  • Flying High
  • Sun, Sand, and Scavenging
  • Dance Party
  • Horga'hn Hunt
  • Making Waves
  • Risa Biathlon

Earning a total of 20 Daily Progress will allow players to claim a Risian Weather Control Vessel [T6]!

Once this starship is obtained by any character on your account, all of the characters on your account will be able to claim the Risian Weather Control Vessel [T6] from the Account Claim tab within the Event Store (in the Event Tab of the Mission Journal).

We are also excited to announce that this starship will be the available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on the same date, August 4th! Read on for the complete details related to this exciting new starship!

Risian Weather Control Vessel [T6]

The Risian Weather Control Vessel is the result of a project that started for practical purposes, as Risa’s weather phenomena is naturally much less pleasant than the planet needs as a tourist place. However, the project has continued far past what’s strictly necessary, and this starship is the result of pushing the envelope for the sake of pushing the envelope, successfully enough that outside bidders started to take notice. Its incredible weather-control technologies are capable not only of minimizing existing weather disturbances, but also of spinning up weather-related phenomena of all kinds.

This starship features a Lieutenant Commander Universal/Pilot Bridge Officer Seat.

Ship Details:
  • Tier: 6
  • Faction: Any
  • Required Rank: Complete the Tutorial
  • Hull Modifier: 0.95
  • Shield Modifier: 1.45
  • Fore Weapons: 3
  • Aft Weapons: 3
  • Device Slots: 3
  • Bridge Officer Stations: Lieutenant Tactical, Lieutenant Engineering, Lieutenant Science, Commander Science, Lieutenant Commander Universal/Pilot
  • Console Modifications: 3 Tactical, 3 Engineering, 5 Science
  • Base Turn Rate: 17
  • Impulse Modifier: 0.185
  • Inertia: 70
  • +5 Engine Power, +15 Auxiliary Power
  • Sensor Analysis
  • Subsystem Targeting
  • Secondary Deflector Slot
  • Console - Universal - Neutronic Eddy Generator
  • Starship Mastery Package (Science Vessel)
    • Enhanced Particle Generators (+Exotic Damage)
    • Advanced Shield Systems (+Shield Hit Points)
    • Enhanced Restorative Circuitry (+Healing)
    • Reactive Shield Technology (+Shield Regen/Hardness)
    • Electrified Anomalies (Starship Trait)

Admiralty Ship Details:

  • ENG: 31
  • SCI: 67
  • TAC: 30
  • SPECIAL: +10 SCI per SciShip
Console - Universal - Neutronic Eddy

The Risian Weather Control Vessel [T6] comes equipped with a Neutronic Eddy Generator console.

When activated, your starship summons four Neutronic Eddies that will wander the nearby area, dealing radiation damage and draining significant amounts of shields from any affected foes.

This console also provides a passive boost to Auxiliary Power and Starship Drain Expertise. This Console can be equipped in any console slot. It may be equipped on any ship. You may only equip one of these consoles.

Electrified Anomalies (Starship Trait)

After achieving level 5 in the Risian Weather Control Vessel [T6], you will unlock the Electrified Anomalies Starship Trait. While this trait is slotted, your Bridge Officer Anomalies become the epicenter of an electrical storm in addition to their other effects, causing electrical blasts to shoot out. These will deal significant damage to any foes and grant substantial power bonuses to any allies hit.

Additional Set Bonuses!

This Particle Generators set has been updated to support a 3-piece set bonus by having all three Risian ship consoles on any Risian Starship. With any two consoles equipped, your ship has increased engine power, Starship Exotic Particle Generators, and Starship Control Expertise. With all three consoles equipped, in addition to the previous bonuses, you now gain a bonus to the recharge rate of your Pilot Bridge Officer abilities and Rock’n’Roll, and activating either a Pilot Bridge Officer ability or Rock’n’Roll while out of combat will cause your ship to launch fireworks.

NOTE: The above stats and systems are subject to change.


Key Features :

  • The Star Trek universe will appear for the first time in a massively multiplayer online game. Everything from the elegant domes of Starfleet Academy to the ancient temples of Vulcan, from the towers of Qo’noS to the Fire Caves of Bajor, from the mysterious Mutara Nebula to the unexplored voids of deep space, all will be represented in stunning 3-D graphics. Immerse yourself in the future of the Trek universe as it moves into the 25th century: a time of shifting alliances and new discoveries.
  • Explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations in an expanding vast universe. Make contact with alien races, discover resources and uncover mysteries that will change the future of the Star Trek universe.
  • Command your own starship as a Federation Captain or a Klingon Warrior. Outfit it with the systems that you need to make your mark in the galaxy. Customize your ship as you see fit. Recruit, train and mold your crew into an elite force for exploration and combat.
  • Command your vessel in thrilling space battles, or beam down to planets with your away team for face-to-face confrontations. Missions will take you and your friends into space, planetside and even inside starships!

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