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'SamuTale' Foes Free-To-Play For A Month

by Rainier on Sept. 16, 2020 @ 12:00 a.m. PDT

SamuTale is a sandbox survival MMORPG where you form a samurai clan with your friends, build a village, craft gear, farm the land, keep livestock, survive and wage war against others!

Explore a massive open-world full of resources. The world consists out of different biomes which will all contain their own unique resources for you to collect.

Your character will need food to survive. Aside from hunting wild animals, slaughtering livestock or catching fish, you can also start your own farm.

SamuTale is celebrating it’s fourth year in early access by releasing a free-to-play trial period that will run until Oktober the 15th, 2020.

Players are welcome to try out the game as trial members and experience our latest major update which features a completely revamped game world with six different biomes to explore. Improved graphics. New craft able items, objects and buildings. New professions. And for the first time, raiding mechanics.

The trial period will run together with a 20% discount on all founder packs, and will also introduce a brand new ‘diamond’ pack.

Key Features:

  • Catch wild animals and keep them as livestock in your village.
  • Keep and breed them for a steady food supply or use them for traveling purposes like horses.
  • Craft your own weapons as a blacksmith, construct furniture as a carpenter or sew your own clothing as a tailorer.
  • Specialize yourself in your favorite professions, help your clan or even sell your goods for pure profit.
  • Danger is lurking around every corner in the world of SamuTale. Not only players can be your enemy, but also animals which can be found in a large variety.
  • Sharpen your sword and go off on a hunt. Collect meat and hides and train your combat skills at the same time.
  • In most multiplayer sandbox games, you’ll find building limited to certain areas or designated places. We wanted to go back to the original meaning of the term ‘sandbox’ and let you decide where you want to build.
  • Start or join a samurai clan and leave your mark in a highly persistent open-world with almost no boundaries.
  • Your village is always in danger as other clans may want to plunder your village or expand their territory.
  • PvP is something you will find quite often in SamuTale so it is very important to protect your village and build up a good defense.

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