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NACON Opens Up Subsidiary In North America

by Rainier on Sept. 16, 2020 @ 10:42 a.m. PDT

Video games and gaming accessories publisher/distributor NACON, parent company of BigBen Interactive, announced the creation of a new subsidiary based in Bellevue, Washington: NACON USA, Inc.

Jack Reynolds was appointed President of the new subsidiary to drive the brand's growth in the United States.

The company also announced several global hires for its core NACON team and its recently acquired premium headset brand RIG. The slew of new hires were part of the original RIG brand prior to its acquisition by NACON, and include:

  • Peter Petrides – NACON Pty. Ltd. ANZ Managing Director and RIG Vice President Global Sales and Marketing
  • Corey Rosemond – NACON Gaming Inc. North America Vice President, RIG
  • Gregory Morquin - NACON Global Business Director, RIG
  • Tess Reddy – NACON Pty. Ltd. Global Marketing Director, RIG
  • Matthew Villareal – NACON Gaming Inc. North America National Sales and Marketing Director, RIG
  • Andres Cardenas - NACON Gaming Inc. North America Operations Manager. RIG

NACON Chief Executive Officer, Alain Falc said the new hires bring an incredible level of expertise in gaming peripherals, branding, partnerships, esports and leadership.

"Looking beyond our Initial Public Offering (IPO), NACON is extremely well-positioned to capture the growth opportunities in the American market and other regions enabled by the strength of the console gaming business. The team has been with RIG from the beginning and bring exceptional expertise, industry depth and leadership to their respective roles. We look forward to moving NACON ahead together."

Prior to this appointment, Reynolds was the Poly Senior Director for the RIG business and spearheaded the growth of the RIG brand with former Poly Global Director of Esports and Strategic Partnerships Rosemond to become a top console gaming headset brand in the United States.

"I am extremely excited to be given this opportunity to lead NACON USA and drive the company's growth in this critically important region," said Reynolds. "This team has been instrumental in building our brand over the years and it's their hard work that has allowed RIG to increase its market share and secure the number two position for console headset brand in the US for the month of July[1]. We look forward to continuing to deliver innovative products that improve gaming performance and drive RIG forward."

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