Hellish Quart

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Kubold
Developer: Kubold
Release Date: 2021

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'Hellish Quart' Announced, Sets Steam Early Access Date - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Sept. 16, 2020 @ 11:51 a.m. PDT

Hellish Quart is a physics-based, realistic, 3D sword dueling game set in the 17th century.

Have you ever dreamed about epic duels, dangerous adventures, a preceding reputation, and earning recognition in the eyes of noble ladies? In short, about living a life similar to the one the famous D'Artagnan once led?

Go back in time to the 17th-century Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Choose from a wide variety of melee weapons, from sabers and rapiers to broadswords, longswords, and many more. Represent either Zaporozhian Cossacks, Polish Hussars, Tatars, Turkish Janissaries, Swedish Reiters, or French Musketeers, all modeled using 3D-scanned clothes, based on fashion from the period. Fight epic duels in a single-player campaign firmly rooted in the realities of life in the region, and show your opponents who's the best fencer of the era!

Forget about fancy Hollywood action movies that pretend they know how a real sword duel looks. In Hellish Quart, you won't experience acrobatic moves, or things like a health bar. Instead, you get to experience melee combat that is as real as it gets, where the swords physically clash and block each other using the game engine's physics simulation. This is a game where, just like in reality, your opponent can get killed by a single, well-timed, and measured attack.

When you are not attacking, your character will automatically try to hold guard against your opponent's attacks. And "trying" is used here very literally as, again, just like in real life, you're not invulnerable when blocking. The only thing stopping your opponent's blade from cutting right through you is your own physical blade standing in the way.

The Early Access version includes 5 playable characters, 5 arenas, 3 original music tracks, arcade mode and local player vs. player mode, controller support and more.

“Fighting games are a specific genere. The controls must be tight, the animations must be perfect to the millisecond, the balance must be ideal, as well as the difficulty tiers. As I'm making this game mostly alone and with limited budget, I want You - the Players - to be involved in testing and improving the game.

“The game is planned to be in Early Accsess approximately one to two years, but this can change either way, depending on Player feedback.”

Key Features:

  • Fight epic sword duels based on active ragdolls and physical sword collisions.
  • Enjoy super-realistic motion-captured fencing animations.
  • Immerse yourself thanks to the 3D-scanned 17th-century clothes, based on fashion from the period.
  • Get to know the realities of life in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.
  • Fulfill your dream of becoming the most famous fencer of the era!

Hellish Quart is coming to Steam Early Access on December 7, 2020 for $16.99.


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