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June 2021

Stronghold: Warlords

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Firefly Studios
Release Date: March 9, 2021

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'Stronghold: Warlords' Shows Off Japanese Campaign, Gets Special Edition - Trailer

by Rainier on Sept. 2, 2020 @ 11:42 a.m. PDT

Besiege Great Khans, Imperial warlords and Shōgun commanders in Stronghold: Warlords, the latest in Firefly's classic 'castle sim' series.

Stronghold: Warlords will allow players to control AI commanders across the battlefield.

From the 3rd century BC China through to the coming of the Mongol Empire in 1200 AD, Stronghold: Warlords allows players to relive famous historical battles and sieges against great khans, imperial warlords, and shogun commanders.

Stronghold: Warlords is Firefly’s first Stronghold to recreate the castle economies of the Far East. Stronghold: Warlords lets you take command of Mongol hordes, imperial warriors, tribal fighters and samurai clansmen as you lay siege to Japanese castles and fortified Chinese cities. Besiege historical rulers using new gunpowder-fueled siege weapons, classic units and a completely new way to play Stronghold.

During Gamescom 2020, Firefly Studios has given the world a first look at the Stronghold: Warlords Japanese single player campaign following Toyotomi Hideyoshi. This new developer commentary footage shows details on the new ‘Warlord System’ and gives a closer look at the Ninja and Warrior Monk units coming to Stronghold: Warlords.

“We’re overjoyed to see how the community reacted to our recent delay announcement and I think the footage we showed during Gamescom really displays the level of polish we’re shooting for,” said Firefly Studios Marketing Director Nick Tannahill. “The digital special edition should really appeal to fans of the series, especially the making-of documentary. There are so many fantastic behind-the-scenes stories to be told and I can’t wait for the community to see it” 

The team also reveals a digital Special Edition for Stronghold: Warlords will be made available for at launch. Priced at $49.99 USD / £39.99 / €44.99, the Stronghold: Warlords Special Edition contains Stronghold: Warlords, the game’s soundtrack, a digital artbook, and a feature-length Making of Stronghold: Warlords documentary with developer interviews and behind the scenes footage from the last three years of development. Special Edition owners also receive a copy of Stronghold HD on Steam.

Stronghold: Warlords Digital Special Edition Contents:

  • Stronghold HD
    • Full copy of the original game on Steam
  • Soundtrack
    • Completely new full soundtrack
    • Same Stronghold atmosphere and epic battle music, but with a completely new set of instruments and historical inspirations
    • Created by fan-favourite series composer Robert Euvino, who has scored every Stronghold game to date
    • Based on Japanese, Chinese, Cambodian, Mongolian and Vietnamese culture
    • Taking influence from musicians like Yo-Yo Ma and master Shakuhachi players
    • Cover a wide geographical area and hundreds of years of history
    • Available in high quality original format  
  • Art Book
    • Over thirty pages of original Stronghold artwork from the game's artists
    • Everything from 2D concepts and character models to in-game renders, environmental illustrations and more
    • Includes key art created by polish artist Mariusz Kozik
    • Insight into Firefly's artistic process and the way art functions in an RTS
    • Exclusive game art not available in any other format
  • Making of Documentary 
    • Feature length runtime of almost 90 minutes
    • Covering 3 years of development
    • Mix of behind the scenes footage and interviews with key Firefly staff
    • Designers, coders, artists, composers, producers and marketers talk about their experience developing, revealing and releasing Stronghold: Warlords
    • An honest look at modern indie game development at a small studio during a global pandemic 

For the first time ever Stronghold: Warlords allows you to recruit, upgrade and command AI warlords across the battlefield with their own unique perks and characteristics. Each warlord under your command boosts your control of the battlefield allowing you to fortify borders, forge weapons or team up for a pincer attack! Each campaign mission, skirmish game, and multiplayer battle means a fresh set of warlords to command and new strategic depth. By unlocking more powerful castles, armies and abilities each Warlord has the potential to disrupt the flow of battle and turn the tide in your favor.

Stronghold: Warlords is scheduled for release for PC (Steam) on January 26, 2021.

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