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Nippon Marathon 2

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: Onion Soup Interactive

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'Nippon Marathon 2' (ALL) Launches Kickstarter Campaign - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Sept. 29, 2020 @ 7:33 a.m. PDT

Nippon Marathon 2 is the ultimate "Bakage" (Japanese for "Stupid Game") where players race across a bizarre obstacle course until only one player remains.

Skill and chaos are united in one wonderful experience. Last time you raced across Japan, this time you take on the world. This is Nippon Marathon 2 - the Brave World Tour!

Nippon Marathon 2 is built from the ground up with all new physics based chaos, beautiful new character models and stretch goals including (but not limited to) online mode. 

Tour the world as Darwin, Nishibori, Zenbei and Snuguru or choose one of the totally ridiculous new contestants.

Try to finish in first place in a marathon spanning the globe. Hang onto your rival's lobster tail using new abilities such as grip or send them flying into a pile of shiba-inu using new weapons such as the star fruit.

Heck, you can even finish them off with the all new character-specific B-MOVES!

View the world through the lens of a Japanese game-show! Keep your eyes peeled and your lobster-onesie on standby - so many surprises await you!  

Onion Soup Interactive has launched a kickstarter campaign for Nippon Marathon 2, looking to raise $41,147.

The campaign seeks to fund core development for PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch, and an exclusive Arcade edition (published by exA-Arcadia). Stretch goals include (but not limited to) a visual novel inspired story, as well as localisation, Steam Workshop implementation and the in-demand online mode. 

“As the Nippon Marathon kicks off in London, we just had to include the Houses of Parliament.”, says lead developer Andy Madin. “I mean, who wouldn’t want to barge through PMQs dressed in a lobster onesie?”

Backers have the chance to unlock exclusive in-game content such as new courses by participating in Snuguru’s Mystery Quest, a social media game running alongside the campaign. Backers can also choose from a range of rewards, from becoming beta testers to exclusive sustainable merchandise, including a “BAKA” exclusive T-Shirt designed by legendary game artist ‘tatsuya’.

As part of the early bird pledge, backers will join the closed Beta Group gaining access to the game and providing vital feedback on its progress. The Early Bird pledges are limited to only 300 people, so you have to be quick!

 Key Features

  • Friends in quarantine? No problem, challenge the ferocious AI patiently await the day you can invite your friends round for a socially distanced session.
  • New and improved cast of crazy characters
  • Silly physics abilities including the “grip” ability, grab your opponent and see what happens.
  • Touka Koukan (equivalent exchange) - Players’ “popularity score” will make or break you in the Nippon Marathon; everything influences your popularity, knocking over politicians = good, knocking over the Queen’s tea = bad!
  • Brand new courses set around the world including London, the USA, France and more!
  • Amazing new character specific B-Moves, such as Elizabeth Nishibori’s “Unicorn Rage”
  • New weapons, such as the shuriken style STAR FRUIT. 
  • Specific stats and animations for each character!
  • All new back stories including how Snuguru Maestro became Elon Mus--- wait, what?
  • Minigames and Party Games return! 
  • An amazing soundtrack is back to soothe and/or excite your ears!

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