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Star Trek Timelines

Platform(s): Android, PC, iOS
Genre: Casual
Developer: Disruptor Beam
Release Date: Jan. 14, 2016

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'Star Trek Timelines' Celebrates Fifth Anniversary With A Limited Time Event, New Crew Member and More

by Rainier on Jan. 14, 2021 @ 12:59 p.m. PST

Star Trek Timelines is a story-driven social strategy RPG in which millions of fans will build their ultimate starship and crew, while exploring the vast Star Trek multiverse along with their favorite characters from across all eras.

Star Trek Timelines will immerse players through a story-driven journey across the vast Star Trek multiverse including content and characters from Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise.

Players will explore the Galaxy alongside their friends, build their dream crew and go on missions with Captain Kirk, Spock, Captain Picard, Data, and many other beloved (and some infamous) characters. 

Throughout their journey, players will explore numerous galaxies, planets and distant lands, while interacting with a plethora of technologies, cultures and races. Players will resolve problems through combat, diplomacy and science while building their own resources and creating the ultimate starship! The game will feature all original artwork and 3D graphics throughout.

Star Trek Timelines is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a limited time giveaway and more!

Now through February 2, players who roam the galaxy will be gifted with Captain Tom Paris, a free Luau Paris 5 Star Crew Member. During this time, the game will also introduce three new temporary achievements which when completed will grant players a copy of the Pineapple Paris Crew Member. Additionally, from January 12th through January 19th all 4 and 5 Star Crew pulled in the Time Portal 1x and 10x will become beholds, giving players the ability to choose from multiple Crew members with each pull.

Trek Fans looking to celebrate all month long can also partake in the “A Woman of Conviction” limited time event, set to go live on Jan 21. Players can join Sirella, wife of Klingon warrior Martok, to eliminate the parasitic beings controlling her husband and other top Klingon officials. By targeting the ship carrying Martok and Lieutenant Commander Dexter Remmick, players can eliminate the mother parasite and stop the invasion before it ends. 

Star Trek Timelines includes content from across the first ten films and all seven television series, including Star Trek: Picard. Licensed by CBS Consumer Products, the game features more than 900 beloved characters, allowing players to assemble a dream crew from all eras of the series. As they participate in missions, players can command 50 iconic starships and engage in stunning 3D ship-to-ship battles.

Star Trek Timelines is available now for free on the App Store and Google Play, as well as Facebook Games and Facebook Gameroom, and now Steam for PC.

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