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Green Hell

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: Creepy Jar
Release Date: Sept. 5, 2019

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'Green Hell' (ALL) Gets Spirits of Amazonia Story Mode Update Later This Month - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Jan. 19, 2021 @ 7:00 a.m. PST

Green Hell is a first-person, psychological survival simulator set in the uncharted depths of the sweltering Amazon rainforest.

In Green Hell the player is dropped into the impenetrable, emerald depths of the Amazon rain forest; the Green Hell. Having no memory of how you got there, your goal is simple: survive. Stuck in a beautifully nightmarish environment, it will take fortitude of mind and the most primitive of means to escape.

With only a radio at your disposal the player will follow a familiar voice through a seemingly endless and ruthlessly inhospitable jungle. Bit by bit, you will unveil more of the mystery of how you came to be in this hostile situation, and what you discover just might be worse than what you fought so hard against to survive.

Clinging to life, the player is set on a journey of durability as the effects of solitude wear heavy not only on the body but also the mind. How long can you survive against the dangers of the unknown?

Creepy Jar is happy to reveal the newest addition to Green Hell: Spirits of Amazonia Part One, coming on January 28, 2021.

A free update to the existing game, this all-new story takes players into the Amazon before the events of the original Story Mode. Alongside the new story comes a larger map, new quests, and more!

You may think you know Jake’s story, but there’s much more to be revealed. In Spirits of Amazonia, an event taking place before Green Hell’s original Story Mode, players step into Jake’s shoes as he aims to befriend an Amazonian tribe for the first time. Tasked with new Legendary Quests, Jake will be put on this new path by the tribe’s mysterious Shaman as he uncovers new map areas and solves challenging riddles. See below for all that Spirits of Amazonia has in store for players:

  • New Mode - Spirits of Amazonia  - An all-new story happening before the events of Green Hell’s Story Mode.
  • New Map Area - A new map area completely separated from the map you know… for now.
  • Four New Legendary Quests - Piece together riddles revealed by paintings on hidden stones all throughout the rainforest to discover the tribe’s story, and aid their village.
  • New Mushroom - Search inside of caves to find a new mushroom with mysterious properties.
  • New Spike Tree - Be careful! Chopping down a tree just got more dangerous, and just a tiny bit poisonous!
  • New Custom Building - Add a balcony onto your humble rainforest abode!

Green Hell will be enjoying a 30% discount on Steam beginning Jan 19th!

Finally, for those of you excited to see Green Hell land on consoles, we’ll have more information on the PS4 and Xbox One versions soon, and will be coming to VR (published by Incuvo) as well!

Key Features

  • Realistic Survival Simulator - Green Hell puts great focus on realism in both its world building and gameplay. Everything that is crafted or built is necessary for survival, and was consulted on with experts. The Amazon is not a typical forest; threats are literally crawling under your skin.
  • Psychological Thriller - Waking up in the middle of the Amazon with no recollection of how you got there or how you’ll get out, the hardest battle you’ll face is the fight against yourself and your weaknesses and fears.
  • Fully Alive Amazon Rainforest - Every effort has gone into recreating the lush world of the Amazon in painstaking detail. An exotic and dangerous place, this jungle is filled with many hazards beyond predators including toxic plants, illnesses and infections, all waiting to bring the player to their demise.
  • Body Inspection - Dangers lurk around every bend but they also live under your very skin. Paramount to your survival is checking your body for parasites, infections, and wounds. Take care or suffer the consequences.

Green Hell is currently available for PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch for $24.99, with PS4 and Xbox One version planned for the near future.

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