The Endless Wyrd

Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG/Strategy
Developer: Design Imps
Release Date: Q4 2021

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'The Endless Wyrd' Comes to Steam Early Access This Fall, Alpha Demo Available Now - Trailer

by Rainier on Jan. 19, 2021 @ 2:37 a.m. PST

The Endless Wyrd is a dice-based, deck-building, roguelike adventure, where you scavenge the Wyrd and escape the approaching Thing of the Dark.

Load your dice with powerful augments to create your own synergies and combos and stack the odds in your favour. In the rabbit hole of the Wyrd, the only way back up, is down.

The Endless Wyrd is scheduled for Early Access release in Q3 of 2021 and an early Alpha demo is currently available on Steam.

"To us, The Endless Wyrd is the quest for the stupidly overpowered and we can't wait for players to uncover the ridiculously overpowered synergies and combinations that we have in store", says Janke van Jaarsveld, CEO of Design Imps, "We are also very proud of the game's South African roots, boasting the unique comic art style of Willem Samuel, who's band, SkreeAlleen, incidentally also lent their talents to the soundtrack."

“At Design Imps we are committed to the concept of "Together we can make it better”. It was the reason we implemented an easy to use modding system for Fhtagn! - Tales of the Creeping Madness and the reason we want to have Early Access. We believe that with the input of players we can make this game amazing!”, says Janke.

“Our current vision for the game allows for an estimated completion by Q4 2021, but this will be influenced greatly by community feedback and requested features.”

“Early access will start with:

  • 1 Game mode
  • 1 Playable character with only 1 starting item and artifact
  • 3 zones, each with roughly 14 enemies, 2 Elites, 2 Mini-bosses and 2 Bosses
  • 80 item dice, each with 2-3 abilities on them
  • 90 artifacts
The full version will include:
  • 3+ Game modes, including Ranked Ladder
  • 3 Playable characters, each with 3 different starting artifacts and items
  • 4 zones, each with 15+ enemies, 3+ Elites, 3+ Mini-bosses, 3+ Bosses and a total of 4+ Final Bosses
  • 200+ item dice, each with 2-3 abilities on them
  • 100+ Artifacts

Key Features:

  • Unit synergies: Units gain new abilities and interactions when certain types of units are present.
  • Player-Unit synergies: The player can interact with certain units to get beneficial effects that affect combat, e.g. killing a specific unit causes damage to those around it.
  • Item synergies: Build up your deck with powerful items, that synergise well together.
  • Elemental synergies: Elemental effects can synergise e.g. Bleed damage is reduced by Cold and Disease can spread to Cold or Bleeding units.
  • Interactives: Interact with the environment for new gameplay.
  • Complex Boss mechanics: It’s like encountering a mini raid boss.
  • Movement mechanics: Your character isn’t stuck in one place, which enables you to dodge certain attacks and most items have positional requirements.
  • Dice and dice loading: With powerful augments, you can stack the odds in your favour and minimise the RNG.
  • Upgrade items your way: Upgrade your items in any way that suits your style and deck.
  • Manage your Scent: Strategically progress through the map, Darkness is right behind you.
  • Enemies scale as you progress: Enemies gain new abilities and become stronger depending on what level you encounter them.
  • Use Sanity: Madness is a double edged sword.

The Endless Wyrd recently won the first qualification round of the NGDC Season V, which took place during Africa Games Week in Cape Town in early December and have therefore qualified for the big Nordic Game Discovery Contest this coming summer in Sweden!

The Endless Wyrd is coming to Steam Early Access in Q3 of 2021, scheduled for full release in Q4 2021.

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