Chained Echoes

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4
Genre: Role-Playing
Publisher: Deck13 Spotlight
Developer: Matthias Linda
Release Date: 2021

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'Chained Echoes' (ALL) Collaborates With Metalband ZILF For Turtle Races - Trailer

by Rainier on Jan. 21, 2021 @ 6:27 p.m. PST

Take up your sword, channel your magic or board your Mech. Chained Echoes is a 16-bit SNES style RPG set in a fantasy world where dragons are as common as piloted mechanical suits.

Follow a group of heroes as they explore a land filled to the brim with charming characters, fantastic landscapes and vicious foes. Can you bring peace to a continent where war has been waged for generations and betrayal lurks around every corner?

Chained Echoes is a story-driven game where a group of heroes travel around the vast continent of Valandis to bring an end to the war between its three kingdoms. In the course of their journey, they will travel through a wide array of diverse landscapes spanning from wind-tanned plateaus and exotic archipelagos to sunken cities and forgotten dungeons.

While set in a fantasy world, Chained Echo features customizable airships, huge mechs, an easy to learn but hard to master turn-based combat system and no weird random encounters: Every fight, every area will be handcrafted.

Chained Echoes is coming along well and more news about the game will drop through 2021 - but we would like to start this year with a true headbanger.

Chained Echoes will come along with a full soundtrack fitting perfectly well for the JRPG from Germany. And yet, there will be one track in the game generating some real noise: Publisher Deck13 and developer Matthias Linda have entered a cooperation with British mathcore band ZILF.

As expected, the game will also feature certain minigames. Including a Turtle Race. This race will also feature an exclusive song by British Mathcore band ZILF. The song was exclusively written for Chained Echoes and offers 15 seconds of pure headbanger-awesomeness.

"When we got asked to write a 15 seconds mathcore song for a bunch of turtles racing each other in a pixelart JRPG game", says the band, "We answered "That's the most ZILF thing we've ever heard."

Key Features:

  • Fast paced turn-based battles
  • No random encounters: enemies can be seen running around all the time
  • Complex skill and equipment system
  • Travel and fight by foot or in your own Mech
  • Customize your own airship

Chained Echoes is set to release on PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch and PS4 at the end of 2021.

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