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March 2021

Age Of Rust

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: SpacePirate Games
Developer: SpacePirate Games
Release Date: 2021

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'Age Of Rust' Beta In March With Virtual Bounty Hunt Worth $1M in Bitcoin And NFTs - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Jan. 25, 2021 @ 2:15 p.m. PST

Age Of Rust is a dark sci-fi action adventure game set in the vast expanse of the universe where you'll explore abandoned space stations, mysterious caverns, and ruins on far away worlds.

As one of the most prolific weaponized cipher-hackers of the 22nd century, you saved humanity by re-purposing AI to save Earth by restoring balance with the environment. Your life’s work now complete, you are sequenced and stored away for the future.

Forgotten for centuries, you wake up in the year 4424 to the desolate and dilapidated remnants of humanity’s once great creation, taken over by rogue AI called Mechs. Humans lost the war, but encrypted the code preventing Mechs from immortality at the last moment. Now, these Mechs summon you from your slumber to search for and recover the lost codes hidden away by those you once saved.

In a post-apocalyptic wasteland with a healthy dose of cyberpunk aesthetics, you must fight, hide and hunt for special items to help you survive and progress through perplexing puzzles. But Age of Rust is more than just a danger-fraught journey with secrets to uncover and treasure troves to progress; it’s an immersive, cryptocurrency-enriched experience with an innovative new class of weapons and items with real-world value and blockchain-verified ownership, which can be used in various games across the metaverse.

The Age of Rust has arrived....

SpacePirate Games combined combat and stealth play mechanics with an NPC-driven story, AAA graphics and cerebral gameplay into an epic treasure hunt for a grand prize of 20 Bitcoin (BTC), worth over $650,000 at the time of writing.

This bounty hunt will be complemented by additional prizes of 4 BTC and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) backed with Enjin Coin (ENJ).

Season 1 of Age of Rust contains approximately 40 hours of gameplay, with 3 Seasons planned in total. However, earning the BTC bounty by discovering easter eggs and solving puzzles could take much longer, possibly even years. The winner of the largest bounty will claim 20 BTC (approximately $650,000); the next-biggest bounty is 4 BTC, with over 35,000 smaller bounties to win and more than 250,000km2 of landscape to explore. As bounties are discovered, they will be removed from gameplay, with ownership of the item passed onto the player.

The Age of Rust Beta will go on sale on March 19th on Steam for $14.99, start your adventure and treasure hunt as soon as the game is available!

"When we first started working on Age of Rust in 2014, we decided to do a treasure hunt to teach people about cryptocurrency and provide a fun onramp into this new world of blockchain,” said Chris LoVerme, CEO of SpacePirate Games. “We set aside 24 BTC, which was worth about $20,000 at the time. We had no idea that this bounty would grow to be so valuable, as the roots of the idea were planted back when Bitcoin was virtually unknown. We believe Age of Rust is not only a fun RPG adventure that players will love, it will also serve as a great, easy introduction to the exciting world of blockchain gaming just as it’s really starting to take off.”

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