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'Snowtopia' Available On Steam Early Access - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Jan. 26, 2021 @ 9:00 a.m. PST

Snowtopia is a ski resort management and construction game where you have to create tracks, manage visitors happiness and build the best ski resort possible!

Snowtopia makes resort building accessible and fun for all. There’s no money in the game, creating a new twist on the genre where resources are managed differently and the focus is squarely on skier satisfaction. The game’s snappy creation tool lets you drop pistes easily on the mountain side and add the right kind of ski lift for the terrain, while keeping an eye on the queues of impatient ski nuts of course. 

Build the ideal ski resort to keep your skiers smiling all the way down the mountain. Get to know every cliff and crevice as you plan pistes, place lifts and build essential facilities. Take on the challenge to create a resort where life is always good!

Running a successful resort brings more skiers of all kinds to sample the slopes, terraces and tartiflette, so make sure you’re ready for them. Fix broken lifts, groom the pistes and run enough ski patrols to keep your visitors safe. Happy skiers will show their appreciation by joining the volunteers running the resort, making sure everything on the mountain stays in perfect shape.

Place pistes on the mountainside in just a few clicks with the easy-to-use creation tool. Read the terrain, and choose the best spot to lay down trails for every skier ability.

11 different types of ski lift give you plenty of choice for scaling the heights. 12-person gondola lifts are fast, but tricky to build on the steep mountain slopes. A two-person chairlift might be a better choice, but watch out for queues at the bottom!

Luckily, ever-advancing ski lift technology means there are always new options to try. The latest models can make even the highest peaks accessible in no time.

Snowtopia is now available through Steam Early Access, and depending on the success of the game should run from 1 to 2 years.

To give you more details about the roadmap, we plan to add the following new features for Early Access:

  • Ski patrol and skier fall system: at last you'll be able to enjoy watching your skiers slip, slide and tumble into your meticulously laid traps. We're not sadists; we're just giving the rescuers a chance to be heroes!
  • Builders and service buildings: many of you have asked us for these and we share your impatience! Skiing is not only about slopes and lifts, but also about picnic areas, scenic restaurants and high-altitude bars.
  • Research and improvement system: you've all played enough in the first few hours of your game. It's time to add lift models and improve the functioning of your resort.
  • Game modes: challenge or creativity? Beginner or experienced? We think about solutions to allow each player to select the game mode that best suits them.
  • Avalanches, dynamic weather, snow cannons, ski schools, more buildings, and new staff models.
Modding is also planned for the coming months, so players can customize their dream ski resort down to the last icy detail.

Plan, build and improve until you’ve created your dream ski area.

You might have thought perfect pistes were enough to keep skiers happy, but it’s not so simple. With 12 different skier profiles in the game, some are more interested in a good raclette, while others come to commune with nature. And then there are the hardcore ski fanatics, who won’t settle for anything less than the longest run the mountain has to offer.

There’s no money in Snowtopia. Make your skiers happy enough and they might join the team of volunteers running the resort. Divide your workforce between the lift operators, maintenance crew, service facilities, and resort improvement team.

Growing the reputation of your resort leads to more skiers on the slopes. But beware - more skiers means more accidents! Make sure you have enough snow groomers and ski patrols to keep the slopes safe at all times.

Remember, no one likes a broken chairlift, but everyone loves sunbathing on the terrace!

Once your resort is built and your skiers are happy, you deserve a little break. So find yourself a perfect little corner on the mountain to drink it all in, maybe near a pretty forest piste next to a ski lift perched on a picturesque clifftop.

You’re in the mountains. Enjoy the frosty kiss of the cold air on your face and kick back to some cool tunes.

Welcome to Snowtopia, the game where it’s good to just chill.

Key Features:

  • Build and manage your ski resorts
  • Trace trails and place lifts
  • Unlock a wide variety of skiers
  • Design the ski area and allocate the workforce upcoming
  • Maintain balance withing the mountain upcoming
  • Improve facilities and specialize your stations upcoming
  • And more to come!

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