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Badland Publishing Signs Agreement To Bring VLG Publishing Titles To Retail

by Rainier on Jan. 26, 2021 @ 8:36 a.m. PST

Badland Publishing will publish VLG Publishing titles for PS4 and Nintendo Switch in physical format, starting with Dry Drowning and Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town.

Badland Publishing and VLG Publishing, property of Leonardo Interactive, have reached an agreement to edit in physical format two acclaimed productions of the Italian company for PS4 and Nintendo Switch: Dry Drowning and Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town.

Dry Drowning is a visual novel that will transport us to a dystopian future, in which we will embody Mordred Foley, a private detective tormented by his past who faces the dangerous task of investigating a succession of serial murders inspired by Greek mythology.
A shady socio-political situation dragging everything down to the abyss, a serial killer drawing strength from this darkness, a tormented detective and his assistant craving for redemption.

Dry Drowning challenges the player to find the truth, going through ambiguous characters, riddles, clues and unexpected events, while telling an extremely compelling and mature story.

All these variables, which include flashbacks and the investigation of previous cases, together with interrogations in which the suspects are unmasked, or not, through the Living Nightmares system, give Dry Drowning an unprecedented replayability in the world of visual novels, offering more than 20 hours of play in which we can enjoy a dynamic soundtrack composed of more than 50 themes, some of them recorded live.

Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town is a point-and-click graphic adventure that combines the charm of the genre's classics with a spectacular cartoon aesthetics.

Ten years have passed since the mysterious vanishing of Henry Morgan, the famous archaeologist. One day, Willy receives a letter from his father asking him to travel to Bone Town to continue the adventure he started. Will Willy manage to discover his father's fate? He has a real odyssey ahead of him in which he will interact with 15 characters while exploring more than 50 locations where not everything is what it seems at first sight.

Heir to the spirit of the mythical Monkey Island, with a lot of humor and a buccaneer atmosphere carried over to modern times, Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town will confront us with challenging puzzles and dialogues brimming of wit.

Use your intelligence, imagination and observation skills as you freely explore Bone Town and its surroundings, collecting and using all kinds of objects to discover your father's whereabouts and the enigmas surrounding his disappearance.

Both titles will hit the market during the spring of 2021 and will be available in a standard physical edition and in a special collector's edition.

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