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December 2021

Spire Of Sorcery

Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG/Strategy
Developer: Charlie Oscar

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'Spire Of Sorcery' Available On Steam Early Access, Development roadmap - Trailer

by Rainier on Oct. 21, 2021 @ 10:02 a.m. PDT

Spire Of Sorcery is a turn-based party RPG where you lead a party of runaway mages through the unexplored lands full of dangerous encounters!

Spire Of Sorcery mixes turn-based strategy, RPG, exploration and roguelite elements. Combine spellcasting, alchemy and equipment to prevail over opponents. Unlock spells, discover recipes, find new party members and expand the Spire to forge your own path to mending the world!

The world of Rund is way larger than what you can explore in one play-through, and every challenge has alternative solutions. From the Spire of Sorcery, a sentient citadel of mythical origins, your adventures will take you through the many wonders and perils of the Wild Lands – escaping from the Inquisition as well as gathering the resources and knowledge you need for your cabal to grow in power.

You’ll have to manage your party, taking their mood and personal traits into account, as well as find new members and level them up to make your cabal more powerful. In combat, cast your spells using a unique deck-building system, and empower your mages with alchemic potions and special equipment.

On the western cost of Rund stretches the Empire, the last known shard of human civilisation. The Emperor controls the lords, and the lords exploit the rest of the population that is already hardened by the unfriendly nature. To the east of the Empire, across the Great River, begin the Wild Lands. Once civilised, they are now home to predators, ghosts and demons. Further to the south-east lie the lands of the non-human tribes: Dismal Marshes, Elderwood, Blue Mountains, Deceiving Plains... all ripe with resources. And further yet are the Distorted Lands: the source of Chaos, and a cause of growing concern among the non-humans.

ccasionally, a person with the magic talent is born on Rund. This invisible power is feared by the established order of the Empire, for little is known about the potential of a trained mage. The Inquisition, a force of its own that reports to no state official, roams the cities and villages, sniffing out the use of magic that they label as corruption. Packed into the Sanctuaries for the Corrupted, under the watchful eye the suspected mages are made to work for the good of the Empire. The general population supports the policy – for magic is an unknown, and on Rund, you avoid dealing with the unknown.

eep in the Wild Lands, at the feet of the Blue Mountains, rests the Spire of Sorcery: a sentient citadel that spent centuries in slumber. Maybe it was a place of sacrifice, maybe it was a moving castle, maybe both. It's a dark legend from the past, just like the Rusted Forest and the Sea of Bones. Yet one day, the Spire awakens – threatened by the Distorted Lands that begin to encroach on their surroundings, as well as by the amassing of imperial legions intent on marching east to plunder the settlements of the non-humans. Fresh from its slumber, the Spire sends a Call that reverberates across Rund, reaching the mages that are confined by the Inquisition. Among the mages who answer the call and attempt to escape, three manage to cross the Big River, and here the story of the Spire of Sorcery really begins...

Spire Of Sorcery is available on Steam Early Access for €20/$20/¥2.000, and launches in 7 languages (English, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Russian and Simplified Chinese).

The early access version includes 3 chapters that detail the escape of the mages from the vengeful Inquisition, their encounter with the terrifying Broodmother and their first contact with the mysterious tribe of Mushroom-eaters. Spellcasting, alchemy, equipment, cooking, stats and traits, discovery system and construction of rooms at the Spire are all in!

As to the world, we’ve got seasoned gigglers and rageful shadows, spitting demons and fearful blackpaws, mad weavers and cursed weepers, spike-shooting tree crawlers and deaf mushroom-eaters who populate barrows, haunts and villages across wetlands, forests and elderwood.

Developer Charlie Oscar has announced a development roadmap with a major update with new content set to ship every two months.

We update the game every month with quality-of-life improvements, and once every two months with new chapters and new mechanics. In this way, you’ll regularly have new challenges to try and mechanics to sample – all the way towards the full release.

Campfires, travel magic, crafting, personal relationships – it’s all on the roadmap, as well as new creatures, new regions and new mechanics.

  • Hotfixes: October 22, 2021 & October 26, 2021. These hotfixes will include additional translations as well as tech fixes for whatever dire bugs we may miss at the release date.
  • Quality of life update: end of November 2021. This update will include improvements in user interface and user experience based on the user feedback during the post-release month, as well as edits for translations (if needed).
  • Feature & content update: end of December 2021. This update will include new mechanics and new chapters.
    • Crafting (crafting resources, Workshop room, extended list of equipment and more opportunities to use equipment in the game),
    • Deck management (crystals with elements to be available as loot from ruins, to be used to swap old and new elements in individual decks); and
    • Travel magic (party spells available in the travel mode: white ravens, wormhole, induce panic).
  • Among the chapters: Dismal Marshes

FEATURES ON THE ROADMAP (sorted alphabetically)


Revisit any biome and engage with local creatures / forage for local resources there. We call these procedurally generated maps for free-form exploration "arenas". Either they will become available as you progress (e.g., you finished a story chapter in Elderwood, and now can re-visit Elderwood whenever you want) – or as upgrades of the Portal room.

Books & Interests

We had books in the game for a while (and you may still find a few romantic novels among the loot in the distant corners), but not so many anymore. We'll bring them back together with the special room (Scribe's Corner), and a system of "interests" where each character gets a particular topic they love (e.g., geology, or reanimating the dead).


The whole campaign of Spire of Sorcery spans 16 chapters. Some of these are optional (to enter the Distorted Lands, you need 3 non-human companions; but you can get as many as 5 in different story branches). We will ship new chapters with every content update and expect to complete the whole campaign by end of summer 2022.


Campfires are the place of socialization for the player party, as well as the opportunity to remove fatigue (for the moment, fatigue is automatically removed every night). We'll bring campfires around the same time when we'll bring in personal relationships.


Animals (and not) that can assist the party during travel and encounters... we'd like to explore this idea.


We already designed and prepared visuals for crafting resources (splitjaw skin, crawler spikes, etc.) and the space for the Workshop room. Now we work on the encounters and moral choices to give the equipment more impact there. We currently aim to include this feature in the December 2021 update.

Curses & Blessings

Curses and blessings affect the elements during spellcasting. Curses may prevent a mage from holding a particular element in their hand or using a specific token. Blessings may add a bonus token to a spell. Both curses and blessings are issued by non-humans in their locations.

Deck management

We already had deck management via Books of Elements but removed it for now because it was based on randomized pools, and we didn't like the lack of control there. We'll bring this back with Crystals – items that allow characters to swap one element from their decks with the element from the crystal. We currently aim to include this feature in the December 2021 update.


The dreams are already displayed, but currently cannot be fulfilled. We have a dream to make these dreams come true.


We've got the visuals, but we need some more work before we can deploy these. The way the idols work is that you'll find a few items next to them (donated by the worshippers), and you'll be able to grab any such resources in exchange for placing something of your own there. Say, you lack shadow tears, but you can spare blind blossom – give one, retrieve the other.

Locations no longer to be targetable

Currently, locations can be targeted. We'll be moving away from this to where location is the "prize" at the end of the encounter, and you can decide what to do with it (open the door of the barrows – burn it! – topple it! – etc.) after defeating its guardians.

Personal passions

Currently, some of the personal traits work in a rather direct way, such as "get happy when X happens". We'd like to transition some of the traits to "passions" that would work in a cumulative fashion, such as "when X happens 3 times, gets happy". It would allow higher rewards as well as a wider palette of events.

Personal relationships

Party members can grow to like each other and become friends – or get to hate each other, quarrel, and fight. On top of this, there's love, which can be asymmetrical. And the rarest of all: mutual love that motivates both characters to deliver their best during encounters.

Reveal system for traits

We'd like to reveal personal traits only when they work for the first time, so that when you get a new character, you don't know their traits until these are tried and tested in real situations. We think it's a cool way of getting to know your party and that it'll take away the initial stress of having to read about all the traits of every party member at the very start.


We designed 13 rooms so far and will add these with the updates that bring relevant mechanics. If you have a cool idea for a new room and its functionality... feel free to share!

Travel magic

We've got a few travel spells that should come handy in most situations (portal, panic, reveal), including all the early chapters. We currently aim to include this feature in the December 2021 update.

Steam Workshop

We'll add Steam Workshop for new languages at some point, and later – modding capability to edit the values of items and creatures. No specific date, probably mid 2022.


Key Features:

  • Explore the original world of Rund to discover creatures, resources and recipes
  • Cast spells, including combos, to affect opponents and trigger environmental effects
  • Concoct substances that range from curative to explosive
  • Prevail in encounters by combining the effects of spellscasting, alchemy & equipment
  • Manage your party, considering mood and personal traits of its members
  • Find new party members and increase their stats to reach their true potential
  • Taste any resource that you find to modify the looks of your party members
  • Collect resources to cook food that may taste great (or horrible)
  • Expand the Spire with new rooms that offer new mechanics
  • Break into ancient barrows, dispel cursed weepers & battle infection-ridden gigglers
  • Resolve mini-stories that pose moral choices, affecting the mood of your party

Spire Of Sorcery is in development for PC (Steam), scheduled for late 2022.

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