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December 2021

Call For Backup

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Games Operators
Developer: Serious Sim

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'Call For Backup' Is A Mix Of Real-Time Strategy And Fast-paced Twin-stick Shooter, Early Access In 2022 - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Oct. 22, 2021 @ 12:39 a.m. PDT

Call For Backup is a blend of a top-down, class-based shooter and a real-time strategy with an emphasis on team-based multiplayer, precision, communication, and fast-paced decision-making.

Call For Backup will tell you the story of what happened in an alternate timeline where the Third Reich lost the Second World War after being defeated by the Polish. Meanwhile, a brutal dictatorship took power over the United States, and Stalin and his accolade Rasputin created GULag EUROPE. The Third World War destroyed humanity in the 1960s, but not all life has perished. As mysterious ghoul hordes keep people locked underground, both governments send robotic drones to the surface so they can continue the war.

Call For Backup is the spiritual successor to one of the most innovative real-time strategies in recent years, Radio Commander,  but with a twist! Serious Sim, the team behind Radio Commander, wasn’t interested in developing a safe and obvious continuation. That’s why Call For Backup is a weird, funny, bold, and ambitious mix of two genres. It’s a real-time strategy, where the player possesses limited knowledge about the battlefield, and a fast-paced twin-stick shooter.

The game shares a commander view with Radio Commander and includes a single-player campaign but is best played in co-op mode with up to four players. While up to three players control drones on the surface, the commander looks over the strategic map, sending supplies and bombardments. But the commander can’t see the whole situation, which is why constant communication within the team is crucial for success.

Are you and your friends smart and quick enough to survive in a crazy post-apocalyptic world full of ghouls and commies?

Key Features:

  • Innovative and asymmetrical co-op multiplayer gameplay. Gather a team of up to four players. Choose a commander. While three players pilot drones on the battlefield, the commander controls the situation from a strategic point of view and assists their allies with airdrops and airstrikes. The commander, however, works in the dark and relies solely on ground reports from their teammates. Learn to communicate accurately, mark the enemy, and make risky decisions under time pressure. Friendly fire is always on, so if you fail, your bomb won’t kill the ghouls, but your friends instead!
  • Thrilling 4 vs. 4 mode. Join your friends to compete against four other players in Versus Mode. Which commander is better at their job? Will expert leadership be crucial, or will the struggle be decided in direct combat on the battlefield? Call For Backup will force you not only to reach the heights of your shooting skills but also to think strategically. Remember: they can bomb you too!
  • Addictive single-player mode in an alternate timeline. Try to beat 36 single-player matches. Face hordes of ghouls as a commander in charge of three combat drones and defeat the enemy. You can control them from the strategy screen or pilot them yourself. It’s your choice! Explore a wicked alternate history of the 20th century where the Nazis were defeated by the Poles, America turned into a fascist dictatorship, JFK became a saint, Rasputin survived the assassination attempt, and nuclear war wiped out almost all life on Earth.

Call For Backup is in development for PC (Steam), coming to Steam Early Access in 2022.

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