Pirates Bay

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: PlayWay
Developer: Kraken Ink Studio

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'Pirates Bay' Launches Kickstarter Campaign - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Oct. 25, 2021 @ 3:13 p.m. PDT

Pirates Bay is a low poly multiplayer open-world pirate adventure filled with numerous mysteries and discoveries.

Become a pirate and go on a journey to search the treasures. Cross endless waters and fight with mystical creatures. All of that and even more awaits you in the world of Pirates Bay!

Create your character using advanced character editor. Choose body type, skin color and facial features, replace limbs with prostheses, add scars and tattoos.

Play alone, team up with your friends or mysterious strangers in the tavern. You can assign roles, but besides that, each player chooses his own character class, with its unique features.

You can buy a ready-made ship at the shipyard or build your ship by yourself. Choose a ship class, materials; place guns and other parts of the vessel where you want. Decorate cabins, choose the shape of the bow figure and style of the ship, paint the sails and raise the flag.

The combat system contains: melee and long - ranged weapons; blocking and rolling moves. Each weapon feels different and has different stats depending on the type of weapon and ammunition. You can put a variety of skins on your weapon, ranging from a rusty pistol to a golden rifle with precious stones.

Board enemy ships, plunder merchant ships and destroy entire fleets. Set as many cannons as you can, load the cannons with anything you want, from forks and spoons to cursed cannonballs. Throw grappling hooks and get into battles.

Guide your journey by the sun and stars, they will help you unravel the mysteries. Look for treasures using maps or by solving riddles from legends. However, if you do not want to search for treasures, you can rob caravans or unite in alliances with other players for large-scale expeditions and robberies.

Arrr, land rats! Did you ever dreamed to become a pirate? Now you have a chance!

Kraken Ink Studio and PlayWay have launched the Pirates Bay Kickstarter campaign , looking to raise $8,100.

Backers will get access to a playable demo within 24 hours.

Key Features:

  • Create your unique character using the advanced character editor.
  • Build your own ship or buy a ready-made one.
  • Participate in sea battles with other players, huge monsters and ships of skeletons, and become a terror of the seas.
  • Become a roving bandit and rob merchant ships, or be honest, as the game has levels of karma.
  • Solve riddles and find treasures.
  • Explore a huge open world in the golden sunlight or at night in tremendous thunderstorms.
  • Sell items and earn money.
  • Take part in huge missions with other players.
  • Upgrade your level and unlock new types of weapons and equipment.
  • Customize ships to perform different tasks.
  • Make your collection of ships suitable for all occasions and use it whenever you want.
  • Get drunk and go on a date with the mermaid.
  • Join various events and get rare rewards.

Pirates Bay is in development for PC (Steam).

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