Orbital Bullet

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Publisher: Assemble Entertainment
Developer: SmokeStab
Release Date: Spring 2021

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'Orbital Bullet' Early Access Update Adds New Game Mode, Upgrades, Enemy Types And More, Updated Roadmap - Trailer

by Rainier on Oct. 27, 2021 @ 10:30 a.m. PDT

Orbital Bullet is a fast paced 360° action-platformer with rogue-lite elements, where all actions take place in a circular pattern.

Fight your way through a variety of procedural planets and use body modifications, crafting and heavy weaponry. Kill. Die. Modify.

Do you want to frag forever? With our upcoming Eternity Update, we can make this happen!

After unlocking the new Eternity Tower game mode, via the questline, you can finally be playing the Stage Mode, offering 50 difficult stages in a row, rewarding you with neat little tools with successfully mastered stages. Or will you go All-In and playing the Endless Mode? - As be aware, when you successfully master all 50 stages, you will also unlock the Endless Mode!

The trailer for the new update gives a first glimpse of the ultimate challenge that the Tower of Eternity brings with it. In addition, new upgrades, enemies and challenges have been added. In addition, SmokeStab has revised the levels of difficulty and classes . There are now individual skins for all four classes . There is not only something to see, but also to hear! In keeping with the endless mode, Orbital Bullet has been expanded with new driving electronic beats. The official soundtrack is included in the Save The World Edition for € 22.99, and for every Save The World Edition of Orbital Bullet sold , 10% of the Assemble proceeds go to Ocean Cleanup.

Orbital Bullet is now available through Steam Early Access for £10.29 / €12.99.


  • New Game Mode: Eternity Tower
  • New Upgrades
  • New Enemies & Elites
  • Reworked Classes & new Skins
  • Reworked Diffculty System
  • Bugfixes

New & Changes

  • New Game Mode: The Eternity Tower
    • Stage Mode: You must complete 50 difficult stages in a row. Receive rewards for reaching certain thresholds that give you class skill points, weapon fragments and blueprints.
    • Endless Mode: Climb the endless shifting Eternity Tower as high as you can with an increasing difficulty.
    • Eternity Questline to unlock new Game Mode
  • 4 New Upgrades
    • New: Engineer - Laser Goggles
    • New: Hellion - Burning Muzzle Flash
    • New: Marauder - Money Fountain (Passive)
    • New: Mercenary - Critical Money Conversion (Passive)
  • Reworked Class System & new Skins
    • Each Class has now a unique Skin
    • Class Skill Trees have now minor and major upgrades
      • Minor upgrades give unique stats related to the class and / or improve major upgrades.
      • Major upgrades are bigger skills that on unlocking will be available in your Skill tree pool during your runs.
    • Each Class now has a unique passive skill
      • Engineer – Hacking Device
      • Hellion – Tank Buster
      • Marauder – Money Fountain
      • Mercenary – Critical Money Conversion
    • The Class Skill tree is now separated in its own Building.
    • Class Item visual rework
    • Class Items do no longer do self damage to the player
  • Improved Enemy variety and tier system
    • Added recolored and buffed enemy versions of the current existing ones (Adding over 30 enemies that way)
    • Added new Elite versions of existing enemy types giving them new abilities.
    • Global Buff System that can give Elite & Strong Enemies additional Buffs and skills
      • Toxic – Additional area around the enemy that hurts the player on contact over time.
      • Bloating – Enemies will drop an explosive seed on death that that detonates after 1 second.
      • Unstoppable – Enemies become immune to slow & stun effects.
    • New Enemy Distribution due to a Tier System, giving more control of the challenges and allowing enemy mixes over multiple planets.
  • Reworked Difficulty System
    • Difficulty System was renamed to Overcharge System.
    • Each first time Boss kill will now give you progress towards unlocking the Overcharge System.
    • Increased Overcharge levels will increase the spawn rate of recolored harder enemy versions as well as the spawn rate of elites.
    • Higher Overcharge levels will increase the amount of global buffs enemy can have.
    • Reduced the monster density at higher Overcharge levels but added overall stronger enemies to reduce the clutter but keep the challenge high.

New Features

  • Shop Slot Machine (Eternity Tower only for now)
  • Shop re-roll (Eternity Tower only for now)
  • Message Queuing System to prevent overlays of Perks, Blueprints or Mission Rewards.

New Music & sound effects

  • 2 new music Tracks for the Eternity Tower.
  • Various sound effect reworks and polish.


  • Fixed that you are no longer hard-stuck in the Harvest Fields after Teleporter activation when you entered the Pattern Selection
  • Fixed an audio bug where the volume could be higher after leaving the Map UI
  • Fixed a bug where the Charged Striker in Harvest Fields could make the player stuck after hitting his charge attack.
  • Fixed a bug where Stone could block visuals in the Tutorial.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not use the jump pad to leave the Inner Circle in the Tutorial.
  • Fixed a bug where Hooks could freeze the Player.
  • Fixed various fading issues depending on the player position.
  • Fixed a bug where Spawnlings & Flies would follow the player over multiple floors & transitions.
  • Fixed a bug where the Scyth Reaper enemy could bug himself into a block.
  • Fixed render queue issues for the ring indicator of flying enemies.
  • Fixed a bug where you could climb and use the jump pad at the same time, resulting in being stuck.
  • Fixed wrong mission icons.
  • Fixed a bug where the player would stay in the idle animation while jumping.
  • Fixed a bug where the last weapon blueprint would not be obtainable.
  • Fixed the Medkit visual bug that let it appear just green.

On theme with the game’s diverse biome-based environments, Assemble Entertainment has teamed up with Ocean Cleanup — a non-profit foundation leading the world’s largest coordinated ocean cleanup effort — to offer a special Save The World Edition on Steam for £18.99 /€ 22.00 , which includes the official game soundtrack and a 10% donation to the cause.

Key Features:

  • 360° Combat: Shoot around the world! Make the most satisfying long-range curved snipes you have ever done or blast and shred enemies with a load of your hyper shotgun.
  • Automatic Transitions: You cleared all enemies on the floor? Get automatically launched straight back into the action and keep shooting enemies.
  • Dynamic skill tree: Build your own skill tree, make clever decisions to empower skills and reach new power spikes while the tree changes every time you play.
  • Mixed worlds: Handcrafted and challenge-oriented levels that have underlying procedural system to guarantee a good experience while also creating a lot of variety and secrets for you to discover.

Orbital Bullet is coming to PC (Steam) in Spring 2021.

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