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Train Life: A Railway Simulator

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: NACON
Developer: Simteract
Release Date: Aug. 25, 2022

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'Train Life: A Railway Simulator' Needs More Time, Departure Delayed

by Rainier on Nov. 30, 2021 @ 12:00 a.m. PST

Train Life: A Railway Simulator is a train and management game that puts you at the head of a railway company.

For the first time in a game of this type, you develop your business to become the biggest rail company in Europe: hire drivers, buy new trains and achieve your contractual objectives! Play as both the driver and company director! Take the controls of your locomotives and grow your railway empire by negotiating deals and developing your network.

Take the controls of your train…
…and travel across Europe with passengers and merchandise. In the Early Access version, drive through Germany, riding in the cab of several different locomotives. Each of these locomotives has its unique characteristics (power, braking, etc.) that you need to fully master to be as effective as possible. Take your passengers through astonishingly beautiful lands, including both town and country, forest and mountains.

You not only have to drive the trains, but you also have to grow your company by optimizing your Passenger and Freight activities. Choose a name, a logo, purchase locomotives, and hire drivers, giving them new contracts and exploring new tracks. You must also maintain your locomotives to prevent breakdowns and handle emergency repairs. You are free to accept or refuse contracts: make the right choices, earn money and develop your company!

The schedule for Train Life: A Railway Simulator has been extended to June 2022 when the final version will be released.

Developer Simteract is listening to the community and wants to take the time to meet players' expectations, implement their feedback, and improve the existing base game by adding new content and features on a regular basis.

"Nacon's publishing goal has always been to meet the expectations of demanding gamers," said Benoît Clerc, Head of Publishing at Nacon. "The pandemic has impacted production times, and these new dates will allow our development teams to give their fans polished games without compromising on our quality targets."

Train Life : A Railway Simulator is now available in early access through Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Train Life involves demanding gameplay based on real-world behavior. You have to respect the rail signals and driving instructions, adapt for rail switches, and manage speed. Make sure you keep an eye on braking distance when you pull into the station and open and close the doors for your passengers. There are also unforeseen situations to manage, such as fallen trees, stalled cars, and trains rolling on your track.

The dynamic weather and day/night cycle mean you have to adapt the way you drive to avoid accidents and damage to the tracks.

This unique management aspect is supported by the game’s detailed trains and driving system. NACON and Simteract have paid special attention to modeling the trains to ensure the game is both fun and authentic.

Train Life: A Railway Simulator is in development for PC, scheduled for full release in June 2022.

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