Final Fantasy VII Remake

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5
Genre: RPG/Action
Developer: Square Enix
Release Date: April 10, 2020

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'Final Fantasy VII Remake' Offering Free PS5 Upgrade To PS Now Subscribers

by Rainier on Dec. 20, 2021 @ 9:30 p.m. PST

In Midgar, a city controlled by the mega-conglomerate Shinra Inc., the No. 1 Mako Reactor has been blown up by a rebel group, Avalanche. With the fate of the world riding on their success, Cloud and his allies set out to quell this deadly threat.

First released in 1997 on the PlayStation computer entertainment system, Final Fantasy VII is universally regarded as a hallmark title of the RPG genre. The original title received high praise for its epic storyline, unique characters, and movie sequences that utilized the most cutting-edge technology of the time.

Rebuilding and expanding upon the legendary RPG for today, Final Fantasy VII Remake tells the story of a world fallen under the control of the Shinra Electric Power Company, a shadowy corporation controlling the planet's very life force as mako energy. In the sprawling city of Midgar, an anti-Shinra organization calling themselves Avalanche have stepped up their resistance.

Cloud Strife, a former member of Shinra's elite SOLDIER unit now turned mercenary, lends his aid to the group, unaware of the epic consequences that await him.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade takes advantage of the latest generation hardware and includes a wealth of graphical, gameplay and system enhancements.

In FF7R Episode INTERmission, players will fight as Yuffie, alongside Sonon, as they use fast and furious attacks to team up in all-new exciting battles against Shinra’s Director of Advanced Weaponry Division, Scarlet, and Nero, a member of the elite unit within Deepground known as the Tsviets. A new Summon Materia to call upon Ramuh, the fabled Lord of Levin also newly appears. And finally, the trailer showcases gameplay of Fort Condor, a new tactical mini-game playable inFF7R Episode INTERmission.

Back in March this year Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4 was included as as a part of the March 2021 games benefit for PS Plus members. Players who’d claimed the game as a PS Plus benefit were unable to upgrade to the shiny new PS5 version (dramatic pause) … until now!

We’re delighted to let you know that that active PS Plus subscribers who claimed the game can upgrade to the PS5 version at no extra cost from December 22, 2021.

What’s more, between December 22, 2021 and January 7, 2022 you can also purchase the excellent FF7R Episode INTERmission with up to 25% off!

What’s included in the PS5 version of Final Fantasy VII Remake?

The power of the PS5 means that the game has never run smoother, played better or looked prettier.

Here’s just a brief rundown of the improvements the next-gen version has to offer:

  • Improved textures and lighting - Midgar is crisper and more detailed than on PS4. New textures, a new lighting system and improved background elements mean you can experience the City of Mako in its true (slightly dystopian) glory!
  • Graphics Mode - choose this option if you want prioritize crystal clear 4K resolution graphics and see the game at its absolute prettiest.
  • Performance Mode - choose this setting to experience smooth action at 60 frames per second. For what it’s worth, it’s my preferred way to play.
  • DualSense™ wireless controller support - battles are more immersive thanks to haptic feedback integration. You’ll really feel the throttle through the adaptive triggers in the bike sections!
  • Faster loading times - you can load any chapter or save in literal seconds. It’s glorious!
  • New difficulty settings - ‘Classic Mode’ can now be used on normal difficulty. This makes the computer take control of character movement and basic attacks, allowing you to focus on commands in a playstyle that hearkens back to the original FINAL FANTASY VII.
  • Photo Mode - you can express your inner artist or just capture and share memorable moments with the customizable photo mode. Hold on, is this an opportunity for me to see my favorite moments anytime? I do believe it is!

What is FF7R Episode INTERmission?

In this expansion episode, players take control of Wutai ninja Yuffie Kisaragi on a dangerous mission to steal the ultimate materia from Shinra.

It introduces new characters, new gameplay including the ability to synergise attacks with a partner, new minigames (Fort Condor is amazing!) and more!

If you’re a fan, it really is a must-play. If you joined the FINAL FANTASY family with Final Fantasy VII Remake , you’ll get to see who Yuffie is and why she’s such a beloved character. If you played the original RPG… well, we probably had you at ‘Yuffie’.

If you want to give it a go, this month is a perfect time to get it. Between December 22 2021, and January 7, 2022, it’ll be on sale on the PlayStation Store, with up to 25% off.

The graphically-enhanced and expanded version of Final Fantasy VII Remake includes a wealth of graphical, gameplay and system enhancements and builds on the critically acclaimed action RPG with a new adventure in FF7R Episode INTERmission.With improved textures, lighting, background environments, a fully customizable “Photo Mode,” and more, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade for PC also features 4K support, HDR support, XInput and DirectInput compliant controller support, keyboard and mouse support, plus the highest spec PCs could see a performance of up to 120 frames per second.
A full list of contents for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade on PC can be found below:

  • Final Fantasy VII Remakeand FF7R Episode INTERmission DLC
  • The FF7R Episode INTERmission-exclusive weapon, Cacstar
  • Armor: Midgar Bangle, Shinra Bangle and Corneo Armlet
  • Accessories: Superstar Belt, Mako Crystal and Seraphic Earrings
  • Summon materia: Carbuncle, Chocobo Chick and Cactuar

*Weapons, armors, accessories and summon materia will be available at launch through the Gift Box on the main menu.

Players who have purchased Final Fantasy VII Remake for the PS4 will be able to download a free PS5 enhancement update that will include all the next-gen visual and gameplay enhancements detailed above at no extra cost when playing on a PS5 console, and can purchase the new episode featuring Yuffie, FF7R Episode INTERmission, as a standalone download from the PlayStation Store. Owners of the disc version of Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4 will require a PS5 console with disc drive in order to take advantage of this digital upgrade.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is available for PS4, PS5 and PC (Epic Games Store).

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