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Cartel Tycoon

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: tinyBuild
Developer: Moon Moose
Release Date: 2021

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'Cartel Tycoon' Gets Early Access Date - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Feb. 23, 2021 @ 10:02 a.m. PST

Cartel Tycoon is a story-driven business sim inspired by the '80s narco trade. Expand and conquer, stave off rival cartels and authority attention, earn people's loyalty, and overcome the doomed fate of a drug lord with too much power.

Set in the fictionalized '80s Latin America, Cartel Tycoon tells the story of a time during which the cocaine took over the U.S. and the whole world. Ridiculously rich drug kingpins rule their glorious empires while creating thousands of jobs, but at the same time maelstrom of violence envelops this criminal world.

Rule as a drug baron on a bigger scale than ever. Build a personal relationship with your lieutenants, each with a story-driven quest line. Leverage the common people’s loyalty to protect lieutenants and fend off law enforcement attacks. Capture new smuggling routes, like airports, seaports, and land checkpoints, to expand your empire.

For the cunning kingpin, money laundering is only the beginning. Grow an empire across a massive fictional continent by shrewdly planting farms, building workshops, establishing supply lines, and earning loyalty. Keep the money flowing to bribe local officials and deflect attention from international law enforcement. Commit forces to each region, including lieutenants with special buffs and abilities, to dominate enemy cartels and capture the market for a bevy of illegal substances.

Inspired by true stories of drug cartels and economic research into how they expand, Cartel Tycoon embraces the inevitability of death—from a rival’s bullet, as the DEA storms the premises, or at the hand of a traitorous lieutenant. No matter how skilled, death comes for every capo. But while the business will suffer for their hubris, the game goes on as existing lieutenants step up to fill the void. Lead the empire into a new generation, building atop success as the violent cycle continues.

In Cartel Tycoon, failure is inevitable and violence begets more violence—but for the cunning kingpin, profits await.

Previously only available through the official website, Cartel Tycoon begins its rise to power on Steam Early Access, the Epic Games Store, and GOG for PC on Thursday, March 18.

New character stories, deeper management systems, and deadlier dangers will expand upon Uncut Earliest Access.

Early adopters of this version who purchase before March 18 will receive an exclusive starter character, hotel skin, and golden cartel logo in all future versions.

Just as coca and cannabis plants flourished globally during the 1980s drug trade, Cartel Tycoon has grown and thrived during Uncut Earliest Access. Since the October 2020 launch, ongoing content updates have cultivated a strategically rich, narrative-centric experience. December’s feature-stuffed “Dirty Money Update” added cartel customization options, lieutenants with different loyalties and a chance to sabotage, and more uses for dirty money without needing to launder it.

New introductory missions provide a smooth learning curve for new players and a new story for veteran kingpins.

Key Features

  • Grow a drug empire in the late '80s, dealing in marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and other goods
  • Tycoon action on an epic scale with dozens of upgrade paths and endless strategic combinations
  • Run huge logistical systems of your farms, labs, warehouses, workshops, research centers, and delivery lines
  • Death is inevitable but lieutenants with unique traits take over for the drug lord before them
  • Evade the authorities and square off against rival cartels on the path to profit
  • Procedurally generated story and roguelike action for endless replayability
  • Original soundtrack captures the era with the psychedelic and Latin American influences

Cartel Tycoon is coming to PC (Steam) in 2021.

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