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The Sims 4

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: The Sims Studio
Release Date: Sept. 2, 2014

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'The Sims' Celebrates 21st Birthday With 21 New In-Game Items for The Sims 4

by Rainier on Feb. 26, 2021 @ 1:05 a.m. PST

The Sims 4 celebrates the heart and soul of the Sims themselves, giving players a deeper connection with the most expressive, surprising and charming Sims ever in this single-player offline experience.

The Sims 4 encourages players to personalize their world with new and intuitive tools while offering them the ability to effortlessly share their creativity with friends and fans.

The Sims 4 brings all new ways to play with life; powerful new creative tools, all-new Sims with enhanced emotion and intelligence, and a gaming experience where players control the mind, body and heart of their Sims to bring their stories to life like never before.

Sul sul! As you may already know, The Sims turned 21 this month -- and what better way to celebrate than with some birthday gifts? 

Sure, we’re remembering 21 years of reticulating splines and WooHooing, of missing pool ladders and neighbors who just walk into your house. But it’s not just about us. It’s about you, our community. You make this game what it is today—sometimes literally—and so, as we celebrate our birthday, we’re also celebrating you! 

In honor of the iconic life simulation game’s 21st birthday, EA and Maxis are gifting 21 new presents in The Sims 4 for Simmers to enjoy. These gifts were designed by nine creators from The Sims community, including HeyHarrie, storylegacysims, peachyfaerie, Luumia and more. Fans will find new Create-a-Sim items, decor, food recipes and more, all created with the 21st birthday in mind.

Find all the new creations in the game now! And don’t forget to give your fellow players a shout-out for their wonderful contributions. After all, you make The Sims! Let’s share the love.

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