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June 2021

NEO: The World Ends with You

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4
Genre: RPG/Action
Publisher: Square Enix
Release Date: July 27, 2021

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'NEO: The World Ends with You' (ALL) Reveals Characters, Locations, Game Mechanics And More - Screens

by Rainier on April 15, 2021 @ 7:17 p.m. PDT

NEO: The World Ends with You is an action RPG that transports players to the streets of the Shibuya, where they will take part in the “Reapers’ Game,” a life-or-death battle for survival.

Players will take on the role of Rindo as they explore the heart of Tokyo to uncover the mysteries behind the sinister Game in which they have been forced to take part.

NEO: The World Ends with You brings a re-creation of modern Shibuya to life in a unique and comic-inspired style. Players can explore and enjoy the sights, sounds, and culture of this bustling city, fight monsters alongside their ally companions in fast-paced action battles, and complete missions as they seek to change the fate they’ve been handed.

Neo: The World Ends with You is the long-awaited follow-up to the RPG classic The World Ends with You. The story takes place in Shibuya, Tokyo. You may recognize some of the landmarks, but the city itself is depicted with an anime-style artistic touch unlike anything you’ve seen before. It is there you must attempt to uncover the mysteries behind the sinister Reapers’ Game, a life-or-death battle for survival in which you are forced to take part.

It was just another seemingly ordinary day in Shibuya—but not for Rindo. He could tell something about the city felt different. He soon finds himself caught in the telekinetic crossfire of a psychic battle unfolding in the Scramble Crossing. And before he can catch his breath, a girl with an ominous aura appears before him and welcomes him to the so-called “Reapers’ Game.”

With some trepidation, Rindo and his friend Fret play along, convincing themselves that a “Game” couldn’t have any serious consequences. It isn’t long, however, until they start having second thoughts. Rindo’s instinct was right: something about this Shibuya is different. The boys’ confusion is compounded by fear when they learn the first rule of this Game: if you don’t win, you cease to exist altogether. Dead set on returning home, they must now compete against other Players in a battle for survival in Shibuya’s Underground (or “UG”).

Key Item - Reaper Pin

Reaper Pins serve as proof that one has been approved to take part in the Reapers’ Game. Not only do these pins grant Players the ability to telepathically Scan their surroundings, but they also educe some of the wielders’ own latent psychic powers. Upon obtaining Reaper Pins of their own, Rindo and the gang are swept into a battle for their lives.

Game system - Replay

Each member of the Wicked Twisters possesses their own unique psychic powers. Rindo boasts the ability to turn back time within a given day, allowing him to alter some of his earlier actions in hopes of bringing about a better final outcome. This Replay power proves indispensable in Rindo’s efforts to survive the Reapers’ Game.


  • Azamaru: A pin bearing the “Shockwave” psych. Slash at enemies with a flaming sword, then leap into the air before delivering one final hit.
  • Angelic Kick: Activate the powerful “Massive Hit” psych to unleash a swift aerial kick. Fully charge the attack to send your foes flying as well!
  • Glacial Getaway: The “Piercing Pillar” psych conjures an enormous icicle beneath your foes, sometimes sending them skyward.


Players in the Reapers’ Game will face off against enemies known as Noise that come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from herds of smaller beasts to singular fiends that tower over your entire team.

Avoiding them literally won’t get you anywhere, as many missions require Players to erase Noise in order to proceed. Felling these foes will also provide you with powerful new pins, so rest assured that your efforts won’t go unrewarded!

Introducing the ‘Wicked Twisters’

  • Rindo (VA: Paul Castro Jr.): One of the newest Players in the Reapers’ Game, Rindo is a high schooler to whom searching for info on his phone is second nature. He prefers to go with the flow, and although he doesn’t go out of his way to interact with others, he won’t turn them away if they come to him first. Thrust into the Game without even realizing it, he now serves as the de facto leader of the Wicked Twisters.
  • Fret (VA: Griffin Burns): Rindo’s happy-go-lucky classmate and fellow Player in the Reapers’ Game, Fret boasts the ability to get along with just about anyone. While he styles himself as a natural conversationalist, he prefers to keep things light, subconsciously avoiding subjects that are too serious. He enjoys walking around town with his buddy “Rindude.”
  • Nagi (VA: Miranda Parkin): Another Player in the Reapers’ Game, Nagi is a college student whose youthful appearance leads others to mistake her for a middle schooler. She is deeply passionate about her pastimes, devoting all of her time and energy to her favorite games. Highly perceptive, she is acutely aware of others’ emotions, and shows disdain toward those she deems superficial and disingenuous.
  • Minamimoto (VA: Andy Hirsch): A fellow Player in the Reapers’ Game, Minamimoto puts his impressive psychic powers to use when he saves Rindo and the gang from a tight spot early on, then forces himself onto their team. He calculates every possible future using his own unique formulas and acts in accordance with the values he discovers, but he remains a mystery to all around him. He seems to have his sights set on something greater than Rindo and the gang.
  • Shiba (VA: Shaun Conde): Shiba currently ranks number one among the Reapers in the Shibuya UG, having worked his way to the top within a year of his arrival. He also serves as the Game’s Master, arbiter of its rules, and encourages its Players to keep things hot. His psychic powers far surpass those of his fellow Reapers, ensuring that none dare disobey him.
  • Shoka (VA: Bailey Gambertoglio): One of the Reapers in charge of managing the Game, Shoka is less than enthused with her job of monitoring the Players. Having grown bored of the Game in its current state, she not-so-secretly hopes someone will come along and shake things up, showing open disdain toward Players who are slow to learn the rules. The hoodie she wears is a signature piece from Gatto Nero, a new brand that has recently taken Shibuya by storm.
  • Kariya (A: Andrew Kishino): Despite his veteran status among the Shibuya Reapers, Kariya has no career aspirations, content with working among the rank-and-file Reapers. Though he used to work alongside Uzuki, the two operate separately at present. Never seen without one of his trademark lollipops.
  • Uzuki (VA: Kate Higgins): Although her mind was once solely focused on getting ahead, Uzuki seems to have outgrown her previous ambition for some reason or another—but her short temper hasn’t changed a bit. She used to work with Kariya, but currently she operates alone.

As you and your band of allies explore Shibuya and compete in the Reaper’s Game, you’ll be fighting against the Noise in battle. Rindo can visualize these enemies through scanning, one of the fundamental psych abilities available in the game. Scanning also reveals what the people of Shibuya have on their minds. You might stumble upon some important pieces of information, so be sure to scan often.

In combat, you can control multiple party members as you fight foes in flashy action battles. Each teammate can equip one pin at a time—press the corresponding button to unleash the psych contained therein. 

Simple controls keep combat moving, but with over 300 pins that let you attack the Noise, heal your team, or boost your allies’ abilities, you can create a nearly limitless combination of psychs to fit your gameplay style.

The composer for The World Ends with You, Takeharu Ishimoto, is back to bring you even more amped-up tracks. Not only has he written a slew of new songs, but he has also rearranged familiar tracks from The World Ends with You, including Twister and Calling!

NEO: The World Ends with You is coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch on July 27, 2021, followed by PC (Epic Games Store) in Summer 2021.

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