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May 2021

Homeworld 3

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Gearbox Publishing
Developer: Blackbird Interactive
Release Date: Q4 2022

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'Homeworld 3' Development Update Shows Off Railgun Frigate

by Rainier on April 19, 2021 @ 4:53 p.m. PDT

Homeworld 3 is a true sequel to the legendary space-faring RTS with a gripping continuation of the story, fully 3D combat, and the classic RTS elements you expect.

Homeworld returns with the next chapter of the story.

Gearbox Publishing together with Blackbird Interactive (BBI) announced that Homeworld 3 is now in pre-production 20 years after the first installment. They are kicking off the production process through a Fig campaign with a $1 funding goal, allowing longtime Homeworld fans to invest and participate in the success of the title. 

Blackbird Interactive, founded by original Homeworld Art Director Rob Cunningham takes the helm on development, and further supported by the veterans of Homeworld Remastered Collection at Gearbox Publishing, Homeworld 3 is coming to life and the teams couldn't be more ecstatic.

Blackbird Interactive has update their Homeworld 3 Fig campaign page, confirming that the game is still on track for its planned Q4 2022 release window, and at the same time giving a detailed update on some development progress, showing off the new Railgun Frigate.

We are excited to bring you the newest Homeworld 3 developer update. In the past year we’ve talked about making Megaliths, the design of destruction with ballistics, and so much more. In the last update, we took you behind the scenes with some of the team at Blackbird Interactive to talk about the Vertical Slice and how vital it is to the development of the newest Homeworld title. We saw your feedback and questions about what comes next, and when. With the expected launch in Q4 2022, we are still pushing for the finish line, and we want to make sure that we tell you about what you can expect in the coming year.

As Fig backers, you have the unique experience of being able to experience and influence development years before the final product comes to fruition. When we post developer updates, we ask for your understanding that this game is a work in progress, and there is still so much to show. With the developers at Blackbird Interactive hard at work, you’re going to receive new updates and content from the team. With this in mind, we will always strive to be straightforward with the community about what you can expect in Fig updates, like:

  • Behind the scenes details on development
  • Concept Art for ships, environments, and more
  • First-looks at preliminary gameplay
  • Influential surveys about Collector’s Edition items
  • Developer videos about Homeworld 3’s development

Once we’re closer to launch next year, you’ll see the beautiful trailers, gameplay videos, and big details like platform availability you can expect. We are taking our time with those major marketing assets because its critical to get them right and grow the Homeworld audience. The more of us there are, the brighter the future of Homeworld can be.

With all that in mind, we wanted to show you all something we think you are going to love. We’re unveiling a brand new unit to the Homeworld universe, the Railgun Frigate. Check out the interview below to see just how the Homeworld 3 team brought this powerful ship to life, including the first ever in-engine footage of this brand-new title. With that I will hand it over to Kat Neale, David Cheong, Stephen Mokrytzki, and Tim O’Connell from Blackbird Interactive, to share their insights on what you’re seeing here.

For the full development update, check here.

The project is in its early stages with only a few months into pre-production. The campaign will allow longtime Homeworld fans to become investors in Fig and participate in the game’s future success. Additionally, investments and pledges will provide a chance to tell the developers what they expect of Homeworld 3 via a backer-only survey. This survey would include things such as its features, priorities, and even what the collector’s edition will include.

Homeworld 3 is currently scheduled for Q4 2022.

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