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Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG/Strategy
Developer: Metaverse Game Studios

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'Angelic' - New Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on April 20, 2021 @ 1:29 p.m. PDT

Angelic is a narrative turn-based strategy RPG, set in a dark, science fiction universe.

Angelic combines turn-based strategy combat with distinctive and colorful heroes you often see in narrative games. Angelic has an equal emphasis on storytelling and party-based RPG elements, all backed by a dark and compelling science-fiction setting in which you are often mesmerized by the complexity of the events happening around you.

In the 28th century, 200 years after the interhuman war between the corporations and neo-humans, long forgotten "angels" returned from deep space. The corporations dominated the Earth long ago and the neo-humans' arrival raised a red alert for them. Especially after they discovered there was a dreadful and hostile fungus spreading in their deep-space colonies, a plague that can infect any kind of living organism.

Get ready to join a massive conflict, where you will have to question the morality of humanity, and struggle to make the right decision most of the time.

Evolve, adapt, advance… Love, hate, shun…

Exploit, aid, hide.

Take action, and rise!

Key Features:

  • Half of your time will be roughly spent on battles, where you lead your team for hit&run missions based on Angelic's novel turn-based combat mechanics.
  • You will also command a one-of-a-kind spaceship, which is a home for you and your allies. You spend the other half of your time in your ship, and will be able to talk with your companions, customize and upgrade them. Additionally, you can make researches to upgrade your gear or ship, or to learn secrets of your enemies.
  • Universe of Angelic is quite a dark and unforgiving place. You may need to forge alliances with dark characters, or might be forced to make some painful decisions time to time. Your decisions might not make all your friends happy, and you will need to be extra careful to keep them motivated and loyal.
  • Your companions are all unique and colorful characters, and make no mistake, they are NOT your soldiers. Most of them are actually far more powerful than you, and each one of them have different motivations and goals. They might like you, hate you, or fall in love with you... Even if they love you, they may still leave you. Even if they hate you, they may still remain with you... Things are quite complicated and your job will not be easy as their leader to keep them in line. They have all unique abilities and powers, so it is best to convince them to stay with you; otherwise combats can become much more difficult for you.
  • Osiris, the ship you command, is a very special ghost ship which was engineered by Iset the Mother, a goddess and a legendary character. Its capabilities are beyond your comprehension, but you will be able to unlock its features and even customize it along the way!
  • And finally YOU, main hero of the game... You are also very special. You were a human pilot once, until you are killed by an archangel (a powerful neo-human) and then saved by Iset the Mother. Now you are a neo-human, but not just a regular one. You are a prototype, and only Iset knows your true potential. It will be up to you how you are going to evolve, but one thing is for sure. You will become the next archangel!

Angelic is in development for PC (Steam).

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