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May 2021

Learning Factory

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: Nival
Release Date: 2021

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'Learning Factory' Steam Early Access Update Adds Freeplay, Procedural Map Generation, Hoverboard And More

by Rainier on April 22, 2021 @ 4:11 p.m. PDT

Learning Factory is a factory automation game where you have to build an increasingly bigger and complex factory, named KOTOVOD and located on Mars, to make goods for cats.

A factory automation game that applies machine learning to find the answer to a question: what do cats really want? Mine, craft, build a factory, design efficient automated production lines, sell goods to cats and learn how to analyze data with real-world machine learning.

What do cats really want?! Sometimes, they can get so annoying that if you would just rebuild an industrial cluster to process huge amounts of data through machine learning algorithms to get an answer.

Then you get data about sales analyzing what cats liked or disliked, and use this data with machine learning models to optimize prices and make sure you’re selling what cats really long for.

But just as with while True:learn(), there’s more to this game: backed by actual specialists in the matter and using real-world machine learning models, the game aims also at teaching how big data is collected and processed in machine learning. You will be learning about two of the most relevant technologies of our time while you play a super fun strategy game -- if you want to, that is; because at its true heart it’s above all a quirkily engaging factory automation game with lots of cats in it! 

In this new update, players will be able to enjoy a new game mode, create their own maps thanks to a new procedural map generator, and enjoy a bunch of quality of life improvements.


  • Enjoy a procedural map generator that allows creating unique maps with all kinds of landscapes and options (will you be able to create a factory on a bunch of islands?)
  • Design your dream island thanks to the terraforming tool that allows lifting and relocating pieces of ground, along with growing plants.
  • Play the new Freeplay Mode, that will let you build a factory with no ties to the tutorial.
  • Move faster on your own hoverboard (an unlockable item through research)
  • New character design (cat included!)
  • New machine for production: the Loom
  • New resource: Cloth
  • A factory analytics tool that detects issues with sales and/or production and shows graphs to the players so they can solve them
  • Updated art and animations as well as bug fixes
  • Updated localizations

Learning Factory is available on Steam Early Access for €11.99/$14.99 (with a release discount of a 10% off)!

Key Features:

  • Rebuild a factory from scratch to make goods for cats
  • Automate and optimize it to be as efficient as possible
  • Research new stuff to make and build machines to do the job
  • Build cat-entertaining facilities inside your new research lab and collect useful data on their behavior
  • Get sales data and analyze it with Machine Learning to create better quality and custom stuff 
  • Optimize your factory to unveil the mystery of what cats really want and how it can change the Universe

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