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June 2021

Torn Away

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: NordCurrent
Developer: perelesoq
Release Date: Late 2021

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'Torn Away' Announced - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on April 26, 2021 @ 2:20 p.m. PDT

Torn Away is a game that approaches the reality of war trauma told from a child's perspective in a completely new, non-violent way.

Torn Away will shed new light on difficult themes, thanks to its unique point of view and heartfelt story, combined with beautiful art and emotional music

In Torn Away you’ll inhabit a world ravaged by war. As the fires of World War II rage across Europe, yet another life is ruined when Asya, an ordinary 10-year-old, is torn away from her home. Just like millions of others, she becomes an Ostarbeiter, a common worker in a forced labor camp. Now, through the darkest of times, Asya has to find a glimmer of hope and endure if she ever wants to be free. When the opportunity arises, she runs away, fleeing eastward across Germany and Poland. To her home.

What makes this game stand out from other titles with a similar premise is the fact that Asya can’t use violence in order to survive. That means hiding and evading soldiers, persevering through the harsh elements of nature, and seeking shelter and food. In this war-torn world, Asya has to stay true to herself. She has to survive without losing that which makes us human.

Torn Away blends art and history together, thanks to its impactful story, based on children’s war diaries, which presents the war from a different and more tragic perspective: through the eyes of a child. All of this comes alive through a unique art style and an emotional soundtrack that was created by Vasily Kashnikov, who is known for his work on Pathologic 2.

“We’re proud to show Torn Away to the world, since we believe that in these difficult times, our dignity, humanity, and family are the only real things we need to hold on to. Our everyday struggles differ very much from what Asya experiences, but her journey should help us understand what matters most in our lives. And we all know that, even today, children are torn from their parents, even though they’re only looking for a better place to live. We can only hope that the game will help our viewers reconsider their views on the justification of war, the problems of emigration, or the isolation of children,” said Nordcurrent’s Head of Marketing Artūras Surgutanovas.

Key Features:

  • A game about war with a non-violent protagonist
  • A blend of story-driven adventure gameplay, a side-scroller, and cinematic first-person sequences
  • A unique view on the tragedy of war from a child's perspective
  • Based on children's war diaries
  • A beautiful art style inspired by social realists and French animation

Torn Away is coming to PC (Steam and GOG) in late 2021.

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