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Beholder 3

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Alawar
Developer: Paintbucket Games
Release Date: 2022

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'Beholder 3' Announced

by Rainier on April 7, 2021 @ 1:39 p.m. PDT

Get out the surveillance cameras and prepare the reports,  Beholder 3 is the next installment in the series about life under a totalitarian regime.

Alawar has officially announced the development of Beholder 3, the continuation of the series about life under a totalitarian regime.

The publisher hasn't released many details, but it's known that Beholder 3 will take place under a different government in a different time period.

The Beholder series takes place in a totalitarian state ruled by the Wise Leader. The first game sees players take on the role of Carl Stein, a building manager who must spy on his tenants, report them and make difficult moral decisions in the process. By contrast, Evan Redgrave – the protagonist of the second game – is no mere public servant. He must build a career in the Ministry and gain power as he investigates the death of his father, brings order to the government and (ideally) takes charge himself. And alongside these ambitious goals, he still has difficult decisions to make.

"Since its first release in 2016, Beholder is a pioneer of anti utopia games, having become recognized globally as a unique gaming universe by millions of gamers. We are proud to announce our partnership with PaintBucket Games, Germany – devoted talented professionals – who are absolutely passionate about the Beholder franchise and the best team to be the developers of Beholder 3," said Alawar CEO Sergey Zanin.

We had played the Beholder games back when they came out and loved them for telling stories of human tragedies in an inhumane system in an entertaining and clever way. So naturally, when we were given the opportunity to develop a sequel, we felt extremely honored and excited," commented Paintbucket Games co-founder Jörg Friedrich.

The first two entries in the series were very well received by players and critics alike, releasing in over 100 countries and selling almost 3 million copies. 

While Alawar hasn't yet given an exact release date for Beholder 3, the game is expected to appear in 2022.

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