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June 2021

Infinite Fleet

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Exordium Games
Developer: Pixelmatic

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'Infinite Fleet' Alpha Content Update Actually Adds ... Fleets

by Rainier on June 10, 2021 @ 5:03 a.m. PDT

Infinite Fleet is a sci-fi massively multiplayer online strategy game where you explore a vast procedurally generated galaxy in which the narrative is directed entirely by you, the players.

In Infinite Fleet, you are a commander within the United Sol Federation Combined Fleet, a mighty military organization tasked with defeating the merciless Atrox alien threat. It is the mid-22nd Century, and for the past decade our widespread galactic colonies have been obliterated by the relentless Atrox; merciless aliens that have slaughtered billions. You have been given command of a fleet of next-generation space battle fortresses to defeat the enemy.

You must equip and customize your fleet, explore the galaxy, and coordinate with your comrades to turn the tide of the war in this epic MMO strategy saga.

Change the entire destiny of humanity by building and customizing your fleet, securing territory, traversing the deep recesses of space, and joining forces with your friends to turn the tide of the war.


The time has come — fleets are now live in the Infinite Fleet Alpha!

Build and customize a fleet of spaceships to support you on your journey through the depths of the Infinite Fleet universe. Your fleet will be with you as you venture into the unknown, discover new planets, and fight epic battles.

Next time you venture into the depths of the Infinite Fleet universe, you no longer need to travel by yourself: your fleet will be with you as you discover new planets and fight epic battles.

You will now be able to command up to four Cruisers in addition to your Centurion-class ship.  As you travel through the galaxy and engage the Atrox in combat, having this additional firepower will come in handy! Your Cruisers will take up formation around your flag ship and can be given movement orders in the Strategic Camera, but they will not be directly controllable.

If you already owned a Centurion-class ship before June 9 2021, you’re in luck! The next time you pay your vessel a visit, you’ll find a new addition to your line-up: the USF Polaris Guardian MK-2, a powerful Cruiser ready to join you on your next adventure.

The Guardian is a heavy assault Cruiser designed to charge into combat and withstand withering barrages of enemy fire, engaging at close range to deliver death blows with its powerful plasma weaponry.

The Guardian carries double the armor of most Cruiser-class ships, which results in a very high mass. As a result, the ship dedicates significant energy to thrust simply to attain basic mobility, and is still slower than many others in its class. The armor more than compensates, however, and the Guardian is a mainstay of frontline combat, earning its reputation as the “Unbroken Shield” of the USF.

If you don’t own the Guardian yet, you can now get it on the Infinite Fleet Store. Keep in mind that you need at least one Centurion-class ship in order to play. Since the Guardian is a Cruiser, it will form part of your fleet and not be directly controlled by your actions.

With that said, we hope you’re ready for your next grand adventure, Commander. It’s time to head back into the cockpit and meet your fleet!

The Infinite Fleet Team

Key Features:

  • Choose wisely, as your actions impact the entire game. You and the community of players will decide the fate of the galaxy. The USF depends on you!
  • Take command of a fleet of giant spaceships and configure them to specialize in a way that fits your play style using in-depth upgrading and configuration.
  • Secure star systems and mark them for colonization and expansion. Watch these systems develop and become front-line outposts in the battle against the Atrox.
  • Explore the Galaxy and delve into the farthest reaches of space in a procedurally generated galaxy of millions of star systems filled with breathtaking environments.
  • Join forces with other commanders in intense co-operative battles as you build the perfect synergy to defeat your enemies in fast-paced, explosive combat!

Infinite Fleet is in development for PC, scheduled for 2021.

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