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Winter Survival Simulator

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Movie Games: Lunarium
Developer: Drago Entertainment
Release Date: 2021

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'Winter Survival Simulator' Introduces Sanity Mechanic - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on June 14, 2021 @ 3:18 p.m. PDT

Inspired by real events, Winter Survival Simulator lets you dive into the ultimate winter survival experience and see if you can survive long enough for rescue to arrive.

One wrong move can turn your peaceful climb up the mountain into a fight for your life.

You find yourself in this unpleasant situation after falling from height. Luckily, the injuries are not serious. Unfortunately, this is where the good news ends; you lost your backpack and most of your supplies are gone with it. The clothes are intact, but even they will not keep you warm against the biting frosts of the night. You were aware of the local conditions before going out on this trip, so you need to plan your next steps carefully - this way the weather will not catch you by surprise and you will be able to build a shelter in time. Compass and map will help you find your way in the winter environment, provided that you know how to use them. Over time, you will start to feel hungry and thirsty, and your creativity will be crucial when searching for food. Set traps for small animals, build a fire to cook them, melt the snow to get drinking water and gather supplies to survive.

In Winter Survival Simulator you can also become the prey. Local wildlife is not used to the presence of humans and a frightened bear or a wolf may attack you. This game is not an action movie - there is no combat, because you have no chance of winning with a large predator. Your only way to survive such confrontations is to stay away from the animals’ territory and try not to provoke them when you encounter them face to face. It will be possible, but only if you learn to read their trails. This will also help you hunt small animals - you can set traps in new spots and even use those abandoned by poachers.

Someone once traveled through this area and even lived there. As you search the surroundings for a ranger’s station, you will come across old settlements. Adapting a building that requires several repairs will certainly be a more comfortable and safer way to spend the night than sleeping in a hand-built hut. You have no idea how much time you are going to spend there - maybe it would be worth staying in one of the cottages for longer?

The fight for survival is not a positive story about returning home - it involves tragedy, battle of morality and humanity, as well as crossing certain limits. Winter Survival Simulator focuses on realism and telling a true story, while avoiding unnecessary censorship at the same time.

Winter Survival Simulator will not be an easy ride, and in order to maintain a realistic atmosphere, DRAGO entertainment invited Marek Kamiński, a Polish extreme traveler and the first man in history to reach both poles without any external help, to work on the game.

The E3 trailer for Winter Survival Simulator showed the sanity mechanic, one of the game’s standout features.

Cold and exhaustion may cause the player to hallucinate horrific visions. This creates a new layer of challenge in an already tense and challenging title. 

Hell has frozen around Mt. Washington. The peak is surrounded by a very peculiar microclimate, where alpine conditions blend with tundra near the summit. However, lower parts of the mountain feel more subarctic, due to high humidity. Winds are ever present, reaching blistering speeds of up to 231 mph (372 kmh). The temperature barely ever goes over negative 18℃ (0℉), with a record low of minus 46℃ (-50℉). While the environment is brutal most of the time, there are areas and occasional good weather conditions turning the snowy hell into truly beautiful sights.

Weather is not the only enemy that gamers will be facing. Mt. Washington’s wildlife considers the struggling player as easy prey. Bears and wolves are the predators best to be avoided. In order to recognize their hunting grounds, players will need to learn to read their trails and avoid dangerous areas. Each step must be planned ahead if you want to reach a safehouse in one piece and call for help.

Key Features:

  • New take on sanity - keep your mind as healthy as your body,
  • Immersive, fluid weather system with various stages,
  • Construct, maintain and upgrade your shelter,
  • Create a variety of traps for all kinds of prey,
  • Track, outsmart and hunt animals in order to survive,
  • Test your creativity in preparing nourishing meals.

Winter Survival Simulator is in development for PC (Steam), scheduled for 2021.

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