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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Developer: Aden Interactive
Release Date: October 2021

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'Gladihaters' Announced for PC, Debuts Demo On Steam - Trailer

by Rainier on June 18, 2021 @ 11:01 a.m. PDT

Gladihaters is a 2D pixel-art management and fighting single-player game where you play as the warden of a cyberpunk prison-arena.

Manage the prison, control the fighters using only commands, maximize your profit. Your goal is to win the Prison-Arena of the Year Award in only 365 days. Filled with references to a dystopian state, future technology and dark historical humor.

You’re the warden of a prison-arena in a dystopian future.
A mix of strategy, management and fighting game in a cyberpunk 2D pixel art style.

Manage the prison, clone the best fighters, control them using only commands and maximize your profit.

Indie developer Aden Interactive has rolled out a free public demo available on Steam Next Fest (16- 22 June).

As a warden you have 365 days to win the Prison Arena of the Year Award, or face forced resignation.

You will achieve this award by excelling in the management of the prison, hiring employees for each department, researching new technology, and ensuring victories on each stadium!

Give real time commands to fighters! They will respond according to their AI and personality which will adjust throughout the battle. Use the arena to influence the outcome of the battle. You will receive multiple bets and challenges as your priority is to entertain and make the most profit.

Buy patented formulas, clone historical characters deemed as criminals by the Glorious State, and make them compete in the arena for punishment and entertainment!

Will any of your Gladihaters survive his 100th fight and earn his freedom?

All for the Glorious State!

Key Features:

  • Unique mix of fighting, strategy and management gameplay.
  • Explore a rich dystopian future prison and society.
  • Amazing cyberpunk 2D pixel visuals and animations.
  • Mesmerizing synth based cyberpunk soundtrack.
  • Manage the prison, win the fights, become the Warden of the year!

Gladihaters is coming to PC (Steam) in October 2021 at $11.99, €9.99, £9.29.

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