Dream's Reach: Village Of The Gods

Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG/Action
Developer: Hinge Games
Release Date: 2022/2023

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'Dream's Reach: Village Of The Gods' Comes to Steam Early Access Next Week - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on June 21, 2021 @ 3:06 p.m. PDT

Dream's Reach: Village Of The Gods is a co-op action/adventure RPG awaiting your commands and creativity to come alive!

Welcome to the magical village of Dream's Reach, the nexus of all mythologies!

Stealthily creep around perilous packs of ruthless enemies or confront them head-on with a vast arsenal of special weapons and items drawing from the powers of the elements.

Solve physics based puzzles while exploring the glades and hidden paths of the hand-crafted overworld or delve into procedurally generated dungeons that provide ever-changing challenges for endless adventure!

Construct your own fiendish labyrinths and share with your friends and a growing community of builders!

Developed by a small team of Ex-Bioware and Eidos devs, Dream's Reach: Village of the Gods is coming to Steam Early Access on June 28, 2021 for $29.99, along with a free demo.

Delve into procedural dungeons, fighting enemies and solving puzzles. Then once you’ve gotten the hang of it, try building your own. Play around with our library of Puzzle Pieces, Warps and Treasure. Then publish your creation and share it on Social Media to challenge your friends!

Early Access Features

  • Customizable Characters
  • Drop in Drop out: Play coop with friends who can seamlessly drop in and out.
  • Fast paced and Fluid combat
  • Dual Stick Special attack system, use Dual Analog sticks to unleash special attacks.
  • Endless procedural dungeons
  • Puzzle Builder: Build your own Puzzles with Fire, Physics, Wind, and Water
  • Dungeon Builder to build your own custom dungeons with Puzzles, Fights, Bosses, Treasure and even puzzles you've built.
  • mod.io integration to share your creations
  • Dungeon Browser that allows players to browse dungeons other player have made

Key Features:

  • Journey through five distinct mythological worlds in search of your trusty pet while discovering the secrets of Dream's Reach
  • Upgrade the HUB as you help new friends to unlock the Armory, Shops a Training Hall and more
  • After you complete the game, play on a harder difficulty to discover even better loot
  • Epic Boss fights
  • New Abilities to Unlock
  • New Puzzle Elements

Dream's Reach: Village of the Gods is in development for PC (Steam), scheduled for full launch in 2022/2023.

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