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Hello Engineer

Platform(s): Google Stadia
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: tinyBuild
Release Date: 2021

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'Hello Engineer' Available As Early Access Through Google Stadia - Trailer

by Rainier on June 22, 2021 @ 5:17 p.m. PDT

Hello Engineer is a machinery-building multiplayer action game set in the Hello Neighbor universe.

Scavenge, craft, and overcome challenges in the sandbox world of the mysterious Golden Apple amusement park, originally built by Mr. Peterson himself.

In Hello Engineer, players control a group of kids from Raven Brooks, members of the Inventors club, trapped in an abandoned amusement park. Little inventors will need to use all their engineering skills to escape from the amusement park and don’t let the menacing Neighbor get them down.

Using frame parts, gears, engines, wheels, weapons, and even jet engines from the amusement park scrap you scavenge, you can build different vehicles that suit your ever-evolving needs. There are several advanced features such as electrical circuits and smart modules that allow skilled engineers to build self-driven mechanical vehicles or even creatures. The most important ingredient is your creativity. There is no right or wrong way to complete objectives and how you progress through each level is entirely up to you!

Hello Engineer is now available for Early Access, play it first on Google Stadia for £14.36 / $19.99 / €16.79.

So what can you look forward to in Early Access? Let’s dive into it!

Multiple Game Modes to traverse!​

  • Sandbox Mode: A creative haven where you can create an infinite number of vehicles and experiment with different creations using parts not available in story mode.
  • Single-Player Story mode: Learn the basics of construction and play through the main storyline as you make your way through two sections of the abandoned park. 
  • Multiplayer Co-op Story Mode: Play through Story Mode with up to three friends! Stadia State Share is also supported, invite your friends to play through your game states or replay your own!
  • PvP Arena: Four players are required to enter The Arena. There is a limited time allotted to create and arm vehicles with weapons before it’s go time. Who will be the victor?

As an Early Access title, Hello Engineer is not 100%-complete, you can expect updates & changes both content and feature wise in the final version of the game! We want to bring players the best possible experience and Early Access seemed like the right fit to make this a reality. With your feedback we can improve on existing mechanics and bring an even more satisfying experience to both current & future players!

Early Access is expected to last from 3 - 6 months, here is some of what you can look forward to over the coming months:

  • Two new park areas! At least a dozen new levels with unique challenges for Story Mode in 2 currently closed areas of the park - Space and Spookyhouse!
  • The Sandbox map will be reworked into a group of large thematic biomes linked together with a series of challenges
  • New blocks and details as well as improved functionality for construction tools, logic devices, and jet engines
  • Library enhancement with parts, modules & vehicles suitable for different tasks
  • New bosses with individual attack patterns and new weapon types
  • Better balanced-out multiplayer and PVP
  • Fleshed out Help and tutorial section

Key Features:

  • Build vehicles using frame parts, gears, engines, wheels, weapons, and even jet turbines from the amusement park scrap
  • Team up with your friends to build even more exciting attractions!
  • Challenge other players in the PvP mode and copy their blueprints!

Hello Engineer is set to release in 2021 exclusively on Google Stadia.

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