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Prison Tycoon: Under New Management

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
Genre: Management
Publisher: Ziggurat Interactive
Developer: Abylight Studios
Release Date: Dec. 13, 2021

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'Prison Tycoon: Under New Management' Gets Steam Early Access Date - Trailer

by Rainier on June 23, 2021 @ 3:19 p.m. PDT

Prison Tycoon: Under New Management offers a new take on the franchise's core gameplay, wherein players are now challenged to rehabilitate inmates in order to help them reintegrate with society upon their release.

The game will feature all the classic tycoon-style gameplay that involves building, maintaining, and upgrading facilities, along with managing staff and ensuring the prison stays supplied. The best-selling series will see the introduction of a new type of gameplay challenge, as players will strive to rehabilitate inmates and reintroduce them as productive members of society upon their release. 

Prison Tycoon: Under New Management tasks players with creating and maintaining a successfully run prison — complete with security checkpoints, guard towers, prison cells, and inmate services.

In Prison Tycoon: Under New Management, would-be wardens will need to maintain a balance of services and security as they strive to run an efficient facility while keeping inmates on the path to reintegration. To grow their prison and improve their capabilities, players will need to secure funding from state agencies, manage the flow of resources and keep staff happy while providing proper care for their charges. 

Ziggurat Interactive announced that Prison Tycoon: Under New Management will be available for PC via the Steam Early Access on July 1, 2021 for $29.99 with a $10 launch week discount.

“At the launch of Early Access, Prison Tycoon: Under New Management will be in a pre-launch Beta state, with nearly all features complete. It will be fully playable with all systems and mechanics functioning.”

“We will use players’ feedback to perfect how different game systems function and interact with each other so that the game will provide an intuitive experience. We would also like to add extra features specifically for streamers so that they can play with their viewers while live.”

Key Features:

  • Five Distinct Environments: Select from tropical, tundra, taiga, swamp, or desert biomes, each with its own environmental challenges
  • Build From Your Own Blueprints: Design every room, path, checkpoint, and cell block
  • Hire Experts: Evaluate and hire staff to serve 12 different roles in running and maintaining your prison
  • Secure and Protect: Maintain a secure facility using guards, cameras, watchtowers, and checkpoints
  • Rehabilitate and Release: Evaluate prisoners, then provide the therapies that they need to be released, from the zero gravity room to VR therapy 

Prison Tycoon: Under New Management is currently in development and planned for release later in 2021 on PC and console.

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