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GeForce NOW Adds 13 New Titles Today, Will Add 'Kena: Bridge of Spirits' At Launch

by Rainier on June 24, 2021 @ 6:00 a.m. PDT

GeForce NOW taps into the thriving PC gaming ecosystem by streaming games from NVIDIA GPUs in the cloud, this week adding 15 new titles to its library.

When you fire up your favorite game, you’re playing it instantly. That’s what it means to be Game Ready on GeForce NOW. The experience has been optimized for cloud gaming and includes Game Ready Driver performance improvements. NVIDIA manages the game updates and patches. And when a game supports RTX, you can play it on GeForce NOW with beautifully ray-traced graphics and DLSS 2.0.

The GeForce NOW library is ever-growing. In an effort to help spotlight the games that are coming to the service, we’re moving to a monthly cadence for announcing new instant access games. Games will continue to be released every week – with new game launches available day-and-date, and back catalog games released each Thursday – but our members, and your readers, will now be able to learn about what’s coming a little further in advance.

This GFN Thursday is starting summer off right with a week packed full of game launches. LEGO Builder’s Journey and Phantom Abyss are among the new games streaming on GeForce NOW. Dual Universe joins the library as well, bringing the first Metaverse to GeForce NOW members. There’s also a look at Kena: Bridge of Spiritswhich will be released later this year. 

On top of these new titles, part of the full list of 13 games ready to stream this week, keep an eye out for updates on GeForce NOW games available in upcoming summer game sales.

New Game on the Block

It’s time for a journey. LEGO Builder’s Journey released this week on Steam and the Epic Games Store and is on GeForce NOW for PC, macOS and Chrome browser.

The game also has RTX features, meaning Founders and Priority members can play LEGO Builder’s Journey on GeForce NOW with beautifully ray-traced graphics. Founders and Priority members also get priority access to cloud gaming servers and extended session lengths for longer playtimes.

With a narrative full of ups and downs, challenges and celebrations, builders can figure out who and what they become along their journey. 

Don’t Miss the Abyss

Get ready, adventurers. After much excitement, Phantom Abyss released in early access on Steam this week. Dodge hidden traps, leap treacherous chasms, and flee the relentless guardians of dangerous temples to retrieve the sacred relic. There’s only one try for each temple, but adventurers can learn from the mistakes of the phantom runs of failed attempts of previous players to grab the relic streaming on GeForce NOW.  

Welcome to the Metaverse

Enter the Metaverse. It’s one virtual world, every player shares, and every choice is yours in the Dual Universe. Build, mine, and craft almost anything. Control the single, global economy. Stick to safe zones and play peacefully or turn to real-time combat in unique PvP. Play Dual Universe streamed from the launch site this week on GeForce NOW.

Sneak Peek Into the Future

This game has spirit. Kena: Bridge of Spirits releases on the Epic Games Store August 24 and will come to GeForce NOW at launch. Join Kena, a young Spirit Guide, on a search for a sacred shrine. With the timid yet charming spirit companions called the Rot by her side, she’ll uncover the secrets of an abandoned village and the forest full of wandering and trapped spirits. 

All of the Games, All of the Awesome

GFN Thursday means new games joining the GeForce NOW library every single week.

GeForce NOW welcomes members to the first Metaverse: a common, shared, virtual world controlled by players in Dual Universe.

It’s one world, and all players share it. Choices are all yours. Build, mine and craft almost anything in the fully editable universe. Players control the single, global economy and can stick to safe zones and trade peacefully or turn to real-time combat in unique PvP.

Here is the full list of titles joining the GeForce NOW library this week:

Due to an issue that prevents progress in the game, OneShot will be leaving the GeForce NOW library on July 30. Members can stream the game on GeForce NOW until then, and can continue playing on Windows PCs and Macs that meet the game's minimum spec after it's retired from the service.

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